Punjab Police Arrests Babbar Khalsa Member Involved in Fatal Shooting

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a significant breakthrough, Punjab Police’s Counter Intelligence in Jalandhar has apprehended Simranjeet Bablu, a key member of the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), linked to the fatal shooting of former terrorist Rattandeep Singh in SBS Nagar on April 3rd. The announcement came from Director General of Police (DGP) Gaurav Yadav on Monday, marking a crucial development in the ongoing efforts to dismantle terrorist networks operating in the region.

According to DGP Gaurav Yadav, investigations revealed that the module responsible for the attack was orchestrated by Pakistan-based terrorist Harwinder Rinda and operated with the assistance of Gopi Nawanshehria based in the USA. The arrest of Simranjeet Bablu represents a significant step towards unraveling the network’s operations and holding its members accountable for their actions.

During the operation, Punjab Police seized a cache of sophisticated weapons and a substantial amount of ammunition from the apprehended BKI member. The recovery underscores the seriousness of the threat posed by such groups and highlights law enforcement’s proactive measures to curb their activities.

Speaking on the matter, DGP Yadav emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation, indicating that efforts are underway to gather further intelligence and root out any remaining elements of the terrorist module. The cooperation between state agencies and central authorities has been pivotal in ensuring swift action against those involved in terrorist activities, thereby safeguarding public safety and national security.

The arrest of Simranjeet Bablu serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges posed by terrorism, both within the country and from abroad. It underscores the necessity for continued vigilance and collaborative efforts among law enforcement agencies to preempt and neutralize threats to peace and stability.

As the investigation progresses, Punjab Police remains committed to pursuing all leads and apprehending any remaining individuals linked to the BKI network. The successful operation stands as a testament to the dedication and efficacy of Punjab Police’s Counter Intelligence efforts in tackling terrorism head-on and safeguarding the interests of the state and its citizens.

The apprehension of Simranjeet Bablu marks a critical milestone in the fight against terrorism in Punjab, reinforcing the resolve of law enforcement agencies to uphold justice and ensure a secure environment for all residents.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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