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US Scholar Visits Punjab Agricultural University to Foster Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

by Manjari Singh

In an era marked by a burgeoning interest in agribusiness entrepreneurship, the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) welcomed a distinguished guest today, Ms Hope Pjeskya, a Nuffield International Scholar and former Director of the Global Farmer Network. Ms Pjeskya, closely affiliated with Ms Julie Borlaug of the United States, visited the School of Business Studies (SBS) at PAU to explore avenues for promoting agripreneurship in Punjab.

Dr. Ramandeep Singh, Director of SBS, shared insights into PAU’s initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and agripreneurship within the region. “Diversifying agriculture through agribusiness is crucial for tackling challenges, fostering innovation, launching new enterprises, generating profits, and ensuring the sustainability of farming and farm families,” remarked Dr. Singh.

During her visit to the Agri Business Laboratory at SBS, Ms. Pjeskya had the opportunity to witness the products of PAU-trained entrepreneurs. These included Brand Cane Farm’s jaggery by Kaushal Singh, Mapik’s turmeric and aloe vera blend by Surbhi, and Brand Green Gold’s turmeric by Gurdial Singh.

Sharing her insights with Dr. Singh and the PAU community, Ms. Pjeskya revealed her roots in a family of farmers and ranchers in Northern Oklahoma, USA. “In addition to cultivating hard red winter wheat and stocker cattle, I have a keen interest in global agricultural trade. My involvement as an Eisenhower Agriculture Fellow and McCloy Agriculture Fellow reflects my passion for agripreneurship, a trend that is garnering global attention,” she expressed.

As a member of the Farm Foundation and a staunch advocate for agricultural innovation, Ms. Pjeskya commended PAU’s significant contribution to the advancement of agribusiness. She highlighted the proliferation of Self-Help Groups and startups in Punjab as a testament to PAU’s impact.

Accompanied by Dr. Malwinder Malhi, Ms. Pjeskya delved into discussions on the pivotal role of Self-Help Groups and farmer-producer organizations in propelling agribusiness forward. Dr. Malhi emphasized the importance of collective efforts in nurturing a conducive environment for entrepreneurial endeavors within the agricultural sector.

In addition to her endeavors at PAU, Ms. Pjeskya’s engagement extends to hosting international agricultural fellows in Oklahoma and Washington DC, as well as providing leadership to the Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program. Her longstanding tenure as a board member for the Global Farmer Network underscores her commitment to advancing agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship on a global scale.

As the landscape of agriculture continues to evolve, initiatives like Ms. Pjeskya’s visit to PAU serve as catalysts for fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability within the agricultural sector. With collaboration and knowledge exchange at the forefront, the future of agribusiness looks promising, both in Punjab and beyond.

Manjari Singh

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