Punjab Police and BSF Busts Pakistan-Linked Drug Smuggling Ring

by News Desk

The Punjab Police have successfully disrupted a cross-border drug smuggling operation originating from Pakistan. The operation resulted in the arrest of three individuals and the seizure of a significant amount of heroin. The arrested individuals are Bhindar Singh (alias Bhinda), Dilbag Singh (alias Manu), and Manipal Singh (alias Mani), all hailing from different villages in Amritsar.

The operation was carried out jointly by the Border Security Force and the Punjab Police. Acting on intelligence information, the police had reason to believe that drug smugglers were receiving heroin consignments dropped by drones from across the border. The suspects were then transporting the drugs within the state.

The police managed to intercept the suspects’ vehicle during a special checkpoint near Beharwal village. When the driver attempted to evade the police, law enforcement officers were able to apprehend the individuals inside the car. During a subsequent search, authorities discovered a total of 12 kg of heroin concealed in three separate packs, each weighing 2 kg and tied around the suspects’ waists. An additional 6 kg of the drug was found hidden elsewhere in the car.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the arrested individuals had connections with drug smugglers based in Pakistan. They were reportedly involved in distributing the heroin within the state after receiving shipments from across the border. The authorities are now working to identify both the Pakistan-based smugglers and any accomplices within India who were intended to receive the drug consignment.

The successful bust underscores the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb drug trafficking and cross-border criminal activities. It also highlights the importance of intelligence-sharing and cooperation between various agencies in tackling such illegal operations.

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