Musk Meets Modi: Eyes India for Solar Energy and EV Expansion

by Manjari Singh

In a notable interaction on Tuesday, Tesla’s charismatic CEO, Elon Musk, had an engaging meeting with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in the bustling city of New York. Musk expressed his enthusiasm about the fruitful dialogue, labeling it as ‘excellent and very insightful’.

Musk’s optimism regarding the prospects of India seems boundless. He views the South Asian nation as one of the most promising global giants, teeming with potential. The Tesla CEO highlighted Modi’s dedication to his country, noting the Prime Minister’s efforts to attract substantial investment from the tech mogul. Musk, a self-professed ‘Modi admirer’, lauded the Prime Minister’s commitment to the development of India.

Musk also touched upon India’s untapped potential in the solar energy sector, expressing interest in further exploration and investment. The tech tycoon anticipates visiting the country next year, allowing him a closer look at the opportunities that India offers.

The prospect of Tesla’s presence in India was also discussed. Musk voiced his confidence in the electric vehicle manufacturer’s expansion into the Indian market, assuring that they would make the move ‘at the earliest possible opportunity’. Musk refrained from making a definitive announcement but indicated that an investment of significant proportions might be underway soon.

According to Musk, the Indian Prime Minister is keen on encouraging new ventures in his country, yet wants to ensure that such initiatives will be of substantial benefit to India – an approach Musk finds entirely reasonable.

In addition to Tesla’s foray into India, Musk plans to introduce his Starlink Internet services in the country. This project could potentially bridge the digital divide by connecting remote and rural areas that currently lack affordable internet access.

During the discussion, Musk also expressed his vision for a sustainable energy future in India. He emphasized the untapped potential in the sustainable energy sector, including solar and wind power generation, battery technology, and electric vehicles. Musk posited that these low-cost, sustainable vehicles can bring about a transformative change in India’s transport sector.

Manjari Singh

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