‘Jugalbandi’ platform in G20 Summit pavilion shows India’s innovative Artificial Intelligence use

by Asian News International

New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI): To showcase India’s reach in power conversation through Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in any domain, ‘Jugalbandi’ has been set up at one of the pavillions at the G20 Summit venue in Pragati Maidan.

‘Jugalbandi’ is a free and open platform that combines the power of ChatGPT and Indian language translation models under the ‘Bhashini’ mission to power conversational AI solutions in any domain.

High-quality conversational AI in over 50 Indian languages can enable all kinds of solutions by cutting through language and interaction barriers.

With the help of Myscheme.gov.in, ‘Jugalbandi’ ‘ is already powering WhatsApp and Telegram chatbots that allow anybody to ask questions about 121 government schemes in 10 Indian languages. 

‘Jugalbandi’ stack-based apps such as JIVA and JAGRIT can power Whatsapp and Telegram chatbots and apps that can democratize access to legal information.

Jugalbandi can power Whatsapp and Telegram chatbots and apps that can bring quality healthcare to citizens.

Jugalbandi’ is a platform under the Bhashini, which is a local language translation mission that aims to break the barrier between various Indian tongues by using available technology.

Bhasini aims to build a National Public Digital platform for languages. This government platform aims to make Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources available in the public domain to be used by — Indian MSMEs, startups and individual innovators.

This will help developers to offer all Indians easy access to the internet and digital services in their native languages.

This online platform also has a separate ‘Bhasadaan’ section which allows individuals to contribute to multiple crowdsourcing initiatives and it is also accessible via respective Android and iOS apps.

Jugalbadi and Bhashini stalls are set up in the digital India pavilion at the G20 venue at Pragati Maidan showcasing India’s digital reach to the delegates attending the two-day Summit beginning on Saturday. (ANI)

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