India’s Rising Defense Prowess: PM Commends Forces on Diwali

by Antariksh Singh

In a stirring address to soldiers stationed near the border, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed India’s burgeoning prominence as a “big global player” in the defense sector. Celebrating Diwali with security personnel in their midst, Modi emphasized the ever-increasing capabilities of India’s security forces.

Speaking in the backdrop of a dynamic global landscape, Modi acknowledged the mounting expectations from India and underscored the pivotal role played by the country’s armed forces in safeguarding its borders. Dressed in the uniform of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), the prime minister expressed confidence, stating, “India is protected till the time my bravehearts are standing on the borders like the Himalayas.”

Reflecting on India’s post-Independence history, Modi lauded the valor of the armed forces, highlighting their triumphs in various wars and their unwavering commitment to duty. “Our jawans have snatched victory in the face of challenges,” he proclaimed, acknowledging the sacrifices made by soldiers who spend festivals away from their families, deployed on the borders.

The prime minister, drawing parallels between festivals and duty, observed, “It is said that ‘parv’ is where the ‘parivaar’ is. On festivals, being away from the family and deployed on the borders exemplifies the commitment to duty… The country is indebted to you.” Modi acknowledged the sacrifices made by soldiers on the front lines, dedicating a symbolic “diya” for their safety during Diwali.

Recounting his personal connection with the armed forces, Modi shared, “Since 30-35 years, there has been no Diwali that I have not celebrated with you. When I was neither the PM nor the CM, I celebrated Diwali amongst you in border areas.” This personal connection underscores the prime minister’s longstanding respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

Highlighting the soldiers’ role beyond traditional defense duties, Modi praised their involvement in humanitarian missions. He commended their efforts during evacuations in earthquake-hit areas and other calamities, citing instances like the mission in Sudan and earthquake relief in Turkiye. “Wherever Indians are in danger, security forces are always committed to ensuring their safety,” Modi asserted.

Antariksh Singh

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