India’s Digital Payments and FinTech Make Waves Globally, Says US Ambassador Eric Garcetti

by Manjari Singh

India’s advancements in digital payments and financial technology have been nothing short of remarkable, according to US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti. Speaking at an event, Garcetti highlighted the transformative power of India’s tech-driven financial systems, emphasizing how even a humble tea vendor in a remote village can receive direct government payments on their mobile phones, ensuring the full value of each rupee reaches them.

During a recent gathering with multi-faith leaders in India, Garcetti marveled at the country’s achievements, stating, “While the world talks about 4G, 5G, and 6G, here in India, we have something even more powerful—’Guruji’.” His words encapsulated the profound impact of Indian spiritual leaders and their influence on society.

The event also witnessed the presence of Jake Sullivan, the US national security advisor, who arrived in the capital for strategic discussions and preparations ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to the United States. Sullivan expressed President Joe Biden’s enthusiasm for the remarkable progress happening in India and his eagerness to witness future developments.

Looking ahead to Prime Minister Modi’s state visit to Washington, Sullivan revealed that the agenda includes substantial initiatives designed to eliminate barriers in defense and high-tech trade. These measures aim to foster stronger collaboration among scientists and researchers from both nations. Sullivan stressed that the deliverables of the visit extend far beyond mere bullet points on a page, instead representing a genuine commitment to advancing cooperation and driving progress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to the United States is set to feature significant engagements with top American business leaders. Over 20 prominent executives from leading US companies, including Mastercard, Accenture, the Coca-Cola Company, Adobe Systems, and Visa, will have a private meeting with the Prime Minister, according to sources familiar with the event. The meeting aims to foster closer ties and explore avenues for collaboration between Indian and American businesses.

With India’s pioneering strides in digital payments, its revered spiritual leaders, and the flourishing US-India partnership, it is evident that the world’s attention is captivated by India’s transformational journey. As Prime Minister Modi prepares to embark on his visit to the United States, the stage is set for a landmark event that promises to deepen the bonds between these two great nations.

Manjari Singh

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