India Emerges as a Key Player in Shaping Global Agenda

by Antariksh Singh

In a stirring declaration, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla highlighted India’s newfound status as a pivotal force in shaping the global narrative, asserting its influence in heralding a new world order. His remarks came during his address as the chief guest at the 2nd convocation ceremony of Tantia University in Sriganganagar.

Birla’s assertion of India’s ascendancy as an “agenda-setting country” resonated powerfully, underlining the nation’s significant role in global discourse. “During the G-20, it has been proved that there is no one like us,” Birla remarked, encapsulating the essence of India’s growing prominence on the world stage.

Addressing the gathering, Birla emphasized the sanctity of universities as bastions of education and culture, hailing them as sacred institutions that nurture Indian thought capable of offering solutions to global challenges. His words echoed a sentiment of national pride, reinforcing the belief in India’s intellectual prowess and its potential to contribute meaningfully to global affairs.

The convocation ceremony itself was a celebration of academic excellence, with Birla conferring degrees and medals upon meritorious students. A total of 170 gold medals and 444 degrees were bestowed upon deserving recipients, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

The event also saw the participation of distinguished guests, including Vice Chairman of Tantia University, Dr. Mohit Tantia, who underscored the institution’s commitment to societal contribution and its track record of achievements. Members of Parliament Nihal Chand, Sriganganagar MLA Jaideep Bihani, and Sadulshahar MLA Gurveer Brar lent their presence, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

Amidst the convocation festivities, the dignitaries took the opportunity to visit Jan Seva Hospital, where they lauded the commendable efforts in providing healthcare services on a charitable basis. The JR Tantia Charitable De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre garnered appreciation for its anti-addiction awareness campaign, catering to patients not only from Sriganganagar but also extending its services to areas in Punjab, such as Abohar.

Moreover, the Dr. SS Tantia Memorial Eye Donation Awareness Society seized the moment to advocate for posthumous eye donation, engaging attendees in filling pledge forms—an initiative aimed at addressing the critical need for organ donation and promoting the noble cause of restoring vision to those in need.

As the ceremony concluded, the resonance of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s words lingered—a testament to India’s growing influence as an agenda-setter on the global stage and a beacon of hope for a world seeking innovative solutions and inclusive progress. In the halls of Tantia University, amidst academic accolades and philanthropic endeavors, the spirit of India’s potential found expression—a nation poised to shape the contours of a new world order.

Antariksh Singh

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