Gang Member Surrenders to Police Following Escape from Hospital Custody

by Manjari Singh

In a recent turn of events, Surinder Pal Singh, also known as Billa, a member of the notorious Bambhia gang, has surrendered to the police after four days on the run. Billa had managed to escape from police custody at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital in Faridkot, where he was receiving treatment for a gunshot wound.

Last week, Billa was apprehended after a shootout between the police and three criminals, in which he sustained a bullet injury to his leg. However, on July 15, he successfully evaded custody, leading to a state-wide manhunt.

The authorities revealed that Billa’s condition began deteriorating rapidly without proper medical attention, prompting him to surrender to the police today. Immediately upon surrendering, he was promptly transferred back to the hospital for treatment. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of leg amputation due to an infection resulting from the gunshot wound, making his medical care a top priority.

The incident leading to Billa’s arrest occurred on July 6 when he and his associates resorted to firing gunshots into the air in an attempt to intimidate a trader from Jaito, with the aim of extorting money from him.

The surrender of Surinder Pal Singh, alias Billa, marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat gang-related activities. The police are now focused on ensuring his medical treatment while continuing their investigations into the Bambhia gang’s criminal operations.

Manjari Singh

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