Destined for Greatness: Dr. Malhi’s Pursuit of Medical Excellence in India

by Manjari Singh

In the bustling corridors of Amritsar’s Government Medical College, young Amarinder Singh Malhi had once treaded, chasing dreams, dealing with the rigors of an MBBS degree. Fast forward to today, and he stands tall as a beacon of inspiration, not just to the students of that very college, but for medical aspirants across the nation.

Dr. Malhi’s recent distinction as the second Asian to receive a Doctorate of Medicine in Cardiovascular Radiology and Endovascular Interventions from the illustrious AIIMS, New Delhi, speaks volumes about his dedication, tenacity, and sheer brilliance. This momentous achievement comes as no surprise to those who’ve tracked his academic trajectory.

Following his MBBS, Dr. Malhi furthered his studies at Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, earning a degree in MD Radiodiagnosis. The next pinnacle awaited him at AIIMS, where he became only the second student to enroll in their DM course for cardiovascular radiology and endovascular interventions – a program that had its inception just in 2016.

Now, as an assistant professor at AIIMS Delhi in the department of radiodiagnosis and intervention radiology, he looks beyond his accolades, keen on shaping the future of India’s medical academia.

For Dr. Malhi, the journey has never been solely about personal accomplishments. His vision expands to the holistic development of the nation’s medical sector. Witnessing the brain drain phenomenon, where talented individuals seek opportunities abroad, he emphasizes the urgent need for fortification of the domestic medical education framework.

“I stayed back in India because I was conscious of my duty to the nation. But many students leave. For that to stop, medical and health educational infrastructure must be strengthened,” reflects Dr. Malhi.

His story is a testament to the potential of determination, passion, and commitment. It also serves as a clarion call to the policymakers and educationalists to invest more deeply in the nation’s health education, ensuring that the country retains its brightest minds.

The journey of Dr. Amarinder Singh Malhi is not just a story of individual success. It’s an emblem of hope, perseverance, and dedication to one’s homeland. The nation watches with bated breath to see what this exceptional physician achieves next and how he continues to inspire countless others to dream big and aim even higher.

Manjari Singh

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