Cambodian Civil Servants Engage in Governance Exchange in Patiala

by Antariksh Singh

A delegation comprising 39 esteemed Civil Servants from Cambodia embarked on a fruitful visit to Patiala, India, engaging in productive discussions with both civil and police administration officials. Led by Mr. Eng Monyrith, Deputy Director Cabinet Cambodia, the delegation’s visit marks a significant step in fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange in the realm of public service.

The delegation’s visit was part of their participation in the fourth edition of the training program on Public Policy and Governance organized by the National Center for Good Governance, in collaboration with the Government of India. The program, tailored specifically for civil servants of Cambodia, aimed to equip participants with invaluable insights and best practices in public policy formulation and governance strategies.

Municipal Commissioner Aditya Dachalwal extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of Deputy Commissioner Showkat Ahmad Parray, emphasizing the importance of such cross-cultural engagements in enhancing governance practices. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and immersive learning experiences, delegates gained a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in effective governance, paving the way for enhanced service delivery and administrative efficiency in Cambodia.

During the visit, presentations were made on various aspects of district administration and the structure of the police department. Members of the delegation also had the opportunity to inquire about civil service induction, women empowerment initiatives, and grievance redressal systems in India, receiving comprehensive responses from Indian officials.

Mr. Eng Monyrith and Ms. Chankoulika Bo, Director Phnom Penh, expressed gratitude for the warm reception and highlighted the significance of bilateral cooperation in strengthening administrative capacities and fostering sustainable development. The delegation members expressed their eagerness to leverage the knowledge gained during their visit to positively contribute to Cambodia’s governance landscape.

As the delegation continues its immersive learning journey in India, both nations reaffirm their commitment to fostering enduring partnerships and collaborative initiatives aimed at driving socio-economic progress and prosperity. Following the interactions, the delegation also visited NIS Patiala, where they had a meeting with the Executive Director Vineet Kumar and other officials.

Dr. B.S. Bisht, Coordinator Director of NCGG, thanked the Patiala Administration for their warm hospitality, while Madam Kanchan ADC (G) delivered the vote of thanks. The interaction, attended by Sub Divisional Magistrates and other officers, was conducted diligently by Dr. Pankaj Kapoor, reflecting the spirit of cooperation and mutual learning.

This visit not only strengthens the bonds between India and Cambodia but also underscores the shared commitment to improving governance practices for the benefit of both nations and their citizens.

Antariksh Singh

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