Bountiful Harvest: Punjab Farmers Rejoice as Free Power Supply and Favorable Weather Boost Paddy Growth

by Manjari Singh

In what can only be described as good news for paddy growers, the prevailing weather conditions are proving to be highly beneficial this year. Adding to their delight, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has ensured up to 12 hours of free power supply for tubewells.

Originally, the state government had promised eight hours of free power supply daily for tubewells during the crop sowing season. However, the farmers are now claiming that they are receiving 8 to 12 hours of power supply each day.

Ranjit Singh, a farmer from Gurusar village, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “The electricity supply scenario has improved significantly this season. We now receive 8 to 12 hours of power supply daily for our tubewells. Some farmers are even forced to halt their tubewells to prevent excessive irrigation. Moreover, the department has been providing regular canal water supply to the fields as per the schedule.”

Similarly, Raghbir Singh, a farmer from Gaggar village, confirmed that their village has no issues with electricity supply. He mentioned, “There are hardly any power cuts imposed on domestic consumers.”

Gurdeep Singh from Chhateana village praised the government’s efforts, saying, “The government is doing a commendable job. It has greatly assisted the farmers by providing uninterrupted power supply for tubewells. The recent rainfall has also been beneficial for irrigating the fields.”

A senior official from the PSPCL acknowledged the challenges they face due to a shortage of staff. Nevertheless, he emphasized their commitment to ensuring uninterrupted power supply for all consumers. “Supplying a minimum of eight hours of power to tubewells on a daily basis remains our priority. Occasionally, inclement weather conditions, such as rain accompanied by strong winds, may cause some disruptions,” he explained.

Overall, the combination of favorable weather conditions and the PSPCL’s efforts to provide sufficient power supply has brought a sense of elation among the farmers. With their fields receiving adequate irrigation, they can look forward to a promising crop season ahead.

Manjari Singh

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