Avtar Singh Khanda, UK-Based Khalistani Extremist, No More: Reports

by News Desk

Avtar Singh Khanda, a UK-based Khalistani separatist, and instigator of recent acts of vandalism at the Indian High Commission in London, has reportedly died today in an English hospital. Known as an associate of Amritpal Singh and a member of the proscribed terrorist organization Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), Khanda’s passing follows his hospitalization for a severe case of blood cancer.

This news was confirmed by sources across social media platforms, which have been active in reporting his health condition over the past few days.

Khanda, infamous for his extremist beliefs, led a life marked by consistent attempts to undermine the sovereignty of India, actively promoting a separatist agenda. One of his more high-profile actions includes the desecration of the Indian High Commission in London, an act which led to his arrest by the UK authorities.

Reports indicate that Khanda was the individual seen pulling down the Indian Flag at the embassy during a protest organized by Khalistan supporters. This act, viewed as an overt provocation and a direct assault on Indian sovereignty, drew international criticism and highlighted the growing concerns over extremist activities abroad.

Avtar Singh Khanda was also a known operative of Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), a proscribed terrorist organization. The organization, driven by a violent vision of a separate state, has been implicated in numerous acts of terror worldwide, further underscoring Khanda’s extremist leanings.

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