SCD College Pays Tribute to Its Illustrious Alumnus, Sahir Ludhianvi

by Dr. Vaishali Sharma

The hallowed halls of SCD Govt. College in Ludhiana were filled with an air of nostalgia and reverence as the Alumni Association of the institution, in collaboration with the college authorities, came together to commemorate the 43rd death anniversary of the illustrious poet, Sahir Ludhianvi. It was a poignant moment for all as they remembered this literary luminary, who was once a proud alumnus of the very institution where the solemn ceremony took place.

The event unfolded outside the Sahir Auditorium on the college campus, where the Alumni Association executives, college staff, and the vibrant generation of current students paid their respects to the poet. A heartwarming sight it was, as they placed floral tributes on Sahir’s plaque and lit candles to honor his memory.

Principal Tanvir Likhari, speaking on the occasion, emphasized how the college had always held Sahir Ludhianvi in high esteem. He noted that the poet’s progressive poetry continues to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for young minds. The legacy of Sahir Ludhianvi lives on in the hearts and minds of not just the alumni but also the current students, who find solace and inspiration in his verses.

Brij Bhushan Goyal, the Organizing Secretary of the Alumni Association, shared, “It’s Sahir’s Alma Mater, our beloved SCD Govt. College, which invariably remembers this legendary poet. We strive to keep alive the values enshrined in Sahir’s poetry and film lyrics, reminding ourselves and the world of the treasure we once had in our midst.”

The occasion witnessed the presence of eminent individuals who have themselves been part of the college’s rich tapestry. Dr. Satya Rani, Dr. Sajla, Prof. Geetanjli, Dr. Mukesh, Prof. Basra, Prof. Arun, Prof. Mrs. Bajwa, Dr. P.D. Gupta, Ashok Dheer, and Prof. Sohi, all proud alumni of SCD Govt. College, joined in the tribute to Sahir Ludhianvi.

What made this commemoration even more special was the active participation of the students, who have embraced Sahir’s books in their hands. This poignant gesture serves as a reminder of Sahir’s poem, ‘Nai Nasal Tujh Ko Mera Salam’ which the poet himself recited during the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the international mushaira held in the college in 1970. The poem continues to resonate with the youth and encapsulates the essence of Sahir Ludhianvi’s enduring work, which transcends time and generations.

The Alumni Association expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the college authorities for their unrelenting efforts in keeping the flame of Sahir Ludhianvi’s memory alive. The event was not just a remembrance but a reaffirmation of the profound impact that Sahir Ludhianvi had on the college, its alumni, and the literary world at large. His words, his passion, and his legacy continue to inspire, reminding us that great poets never truly die; they live on in the hearts and verses of those they touch.

Dr. Vaishali Sharma

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