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New Saragarhi Museum Unveiled, Honoring the Valiant Sacrifice of 21 Sikh Soldiers

by Manjari Singh

In a poignant ceremony today, the nation witnessed the grand dedication of the Saragarhi Museum, a testament to the unparalleled bravery and sacrifice of 21 Sikh soldiers who laid down their lives in the historic battle of Saragarhi. With a cost of Rs. 2 Cr., this museum stands as a beacon of remembrance, ensuring that the valorous tale of these soldiers endures through generations.

Nestled within its walls are artifacts, equipment, and the intricate coding and decoding mechanisms of the signaling technology used during the Saragarhi War. Visitors, especially students, are set to embark on a journey of historical and technical enlightenment as they explore the rich narratives housed within.

Comprising seven meticulously curated galleries, the museum offers multifaceted insights into the Saragarhi Post and the war itself. The inaugural gallery unfolds the story of the Saragarhi post alongside a poignant display commemorating the martyrs of the battle.

Gallery-2 unveils a cinematic experience, presenting a riveting portrayal of the historic battle. Here, amidst cutting-edge 3D technology, viewers are transported back in time to witness the valor of the 21 Sikh soldiers who stood resolute against thousands of Afghan adversaries under the leadership of Havildar Ishar Singh.

The narrative unfolds further in Gallery-3, where the heliography gallery comes to life with vivid VFX demonstrations, illustrating the intricacies of signaling between forts and posts during that era. Meanwhile, Gallery-4 delves into the aftermath of the battle, offering comprehensive insights into the circumstances, events, and subsequent honors bestowed upon the courageous soldiers.

The museum’s fifth gallery showcases replicas of the weapons and firearms utilized by both Sikh soldiers and Afghan combatants during the intense conflict. Moving forward, Gallery-6, aptly named the Last Man Gallery, pays solemn homage to the final martyr, Gurmukh Singh.

Finally, Gallery-7 stands as a tribute and selfie zone, inviting visitors to pay their respects to the fallen heroes. Here, a sensor-triggered gun allows for symbolic tributes, while a live cut-out of the Saragarhi martyrs serves as a poignant backdrop for commemorative selfies.

Interactivity is key within these galleries, with touch panels providing detailed information in both Punjabi and English, ensuring that the legacy of the Saragarhi warriors transcends linguistic barriers.

Constructed as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the 21 soldiers of 36 Sikhs who valiantly defended the Samana Ridge (now in Pakistan), this museum immortalizes their sacrifice. Their unwavering courage in the face of overwhelming odds on September 12, 1897, stands etched in the annals of Indian Army history, serving as an enduring source of inspiration for generations to come.

Manjari Singh

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