Restoring Harmony at Gurdwara ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ in Italy

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

Recent confrontations between two factions of the Gurdwara ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ in Casalpusterlengo, Lodi, has culminated in a deeply regrettable outcome: the closure of the Gurdwara. Led by Sukhwinder Singh, known as Shinda, and Manjit Singh, the groups’ discord has not only disrupted the operations of the Gurdwara but also sown division within the community it serves.

The conflict began when the Shinda faction ousted Manjit Singh, Bikramjit Singh, and Lovepreet Singh from the committee, replacing them with Balwinder Singh, Ranjoth Singh, and Dhanwant Singh. In a further escalation, Shinda’s son, Gurkaran Singh, was appointed as the Pradhan, effectively sidelining Manjit Singh’s influence. The rivalry reached a critical point two weeks ago when both sides summoned the police to the Gurdwara, each for opposing purposes: the Manjit group seeking entry, and the Shinda group aiming to block it. This standoff left the police with no choice but to urge both parties to reconcile or face the closure of the Gurdwara.

Despite the temporary nature of the closure, there are no visible signs of reconciliation between the groups. The Gurdwara, a place of worship and community gathering, remains shuttered, a stark reminder of the discord that has overshadowed its sanctity. The Shinda faction, unwilling to yield to the Manjit group, declared the closure on June 14, pending a court verdict.

This situation calls for introspection and a renewed commitment to the values that the Gurdwara stands for: unity, peace, and service. The Gurdwara is not merely a physical structure but a symbol of faith and a cornerstone of the Sikh community. Its closure affects not just the committee members but the entire congregation that looks to it for spiritual guidance and communal solidarity.

Both factions must recognize the broader implications of their actions. The Gurdwara’s closure sends a disheartening message to the community and beyond. It suggests that internal conflicts are prioritized over the collective good, a stance that is fundamentally at odds with Sikh principles. The teachings of Guru Nanak emphasize humility, selflessness, and the importance of Sangat (congregation). The current impasse starkly contrasts with these teachings, highlighting the urgent need for dialogue and compromise.

It is imperative for community leaders, both within and outside the Gurdwara committee, to step forward and mediate a resolution. Neutral third parties, respected within the community, could facilitate discussions and help bridge the divide. The goal should be to restore the Gurdwara to its rightful place as a hub of worship and community activity, free from factionalism.

In the interim, the wider Sikh community in Casalpusterlengo and beyond must remain engaged and vocal. Support for a peaceful resolution should be unequivocal, reinforcing that the Gurdwara belongs to the entire community, not just a select few.

The current situation at Gurdwara ‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ is a stark reminder of the consequences of internal strife. As the community waits for the court’s decision, it must also look inward and remember the core values that bind it together. The path forward lies in unity, mutual respect, and an unwavering commitment to the principles of Sikhism. Only then can the doors of the Gurdwara reopen, welcoming all with open hearts and a renewed spirit of togetherness.

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Parminder Singh Sodhi

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