Wheels of Resilience: Iqbal Singh Delivers More Than Just Food

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In the bustling streets of Punjab, where the scent of freshly ground spices mingles with honking horns, a man navigates his way with quiet determination. Specially abled Iqbal Singh, 44, is not your typical food delivery partner. He conquers the city on a mechanized wheelchair, his spirit soaring high above the 70% disability that confines his lower body since a 2009 accident.

Iqbal’s story is not one of surrender, but of unwavering grit. Refusing to let circumstance dim his spirit, he embraced the mantra of “kirat karo” (earn an honest living), a core tenet of Sikhism that resonates deeply within him. His NeoMotion wheelchair, though not as swift as a motorbike, becomes his chariot of independence, carrying him from restaurants to doorsteps, delivering not just steaming hot meals, but also a silent message of hope and resilience.

Source: PTC News

His days are a testament to his unwavering resolve. He navigates bustling markets, dodging rickshaws and pedestrians, his eyes focused on the next delivery. Ten to fifteen orders a day, earning him Rs 400-500 – a sum that may seem small to some, but for Iqbal, it represents dignity, self-reliance, and a victory over adversity.

But Iqbal’s impact transcends mere financial gain. He becomes a beacon of inspiration for every person he encounters. His customers, initially surprised to see a delivery man on wheels, are soon greeted by his warm smile and unwavering courtesy. He listens patiently to their instructions, maneuvering his chair with skillful precision, ensuring their food arrives fresh and untouched.

His journey is not without challenges. Uneven pavements, impatient drivers, and the occasional harsh word on the phone – these are obstacles he faces daily. Yet, Iqbal meets them with an unyielding grace. “The anger is always short-lived,” he says, his eyes twinkling. “A kind word, a smile, and the joy of a good meal – that’s what I deliver.”

Iqbal’s story is a powerful reminder that disability is not a barrier, but a different path to achievement. He is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to rise above limitations, to find purpose in every challenge. He is not just a food delivery partner; he is a symbol of hope, rolling through the streets of Punjab, proving that even on wheels, one can deliver a feast of inspiration.

So, the next time you order food, remember Iqbal Singh. Remember the man who conquered his limitations, not with speed, but with unwavering spirit, delivering not just meals, but a message that resonates far beyond the doorstep: resilience is the most delicious dish of all.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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