US Assures ‘Swift and Aggressive’ Investigation into Khalistani Attack on Indian Consulate in San Francisco

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a high-level meeting between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray and National Investigation Agency (NIA) Director General Dinkar Gupta, the United States has reassured its commitment to aggressively investigate the Khalistani attack on the Indian consulate in San Francisco, which unfolded in March of this year.

The incident, involving Khalistani supporters wielding swords and demanding the release of fugitive Amritpal Singh, who is currently incarcerated in Dibrugarh, Assam, left an indelible mark on diplomatic relations. Nine months later, the U.S. pledged to expedite the probe into the disruptive attack that rattled the Indian consulate.

The meeting between Wray and Gupta underscored the collaborative efforts of both nations in addressing not only the specific incident in San Francisco but also broader issues related to terrorism and organized crime. Among the topics discussed were the active nexus between terrorist outfits and elements of organized criminal syndicates, a concern that both nations acknowledged as spreading beyond borders, including into the United States.

Gupta, a Punjab-cadre IPS officer, emphasized the need to combat terrorist-organized criminal networks and highlighted the increasing challenges posed by cyber-terrorism and cyber-crimes. The dialogue extended to exploring strategies to counteract these evolving threats on a global scale.

Despite the ongoing investigation and the pending extradition of Mumbai attack co-conspirator Tahawwur Rana, Director Wray sought to emphasize the common ground between the FBI and NIA. He stated that both agencies share more similarities than differences and expressed confidence in the strength of their partnership.

The collaborative efforts between the FBI and NIA reflect a shared commitment to maintaining the security and stability of both nations in the face of evolving threats. As the investigation into the Khalistani attack progresses, the diplomatic ties between the United States and India remain resilient, anchored in the pursuit of justice and the shared goal of countering transnational threats. The global community watches with anticipation as these two nations work together to address the complex challenges posed by terrorism and organized crime in an ever-changing world.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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