Reviving Jalandhar’s Beauty: A Call for Improved Sanitation

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

When Dr. Manmohan Singh once visited Jalandhar, he described it in clear terms as the most beautiful city in Punjab. At that time, Jalandhar’s cleanliness system was well-organized and effective. However, over the years, under different political regimes – from the Akali-BJP coalition to subsequent Congress and now the Aam Aadmi Party government – Jalandhar’s sanitation system has not only deteriorated consistently but has also struggled with waste management issues.

Even today, one can see plants laden with flowers and greenery adorning the roadsides of Jalandhar, giving a glimpse of its potential to regain the title of Punjab’s most beautiful city if kept clean and tidy. However, the current state of sanitation in the city paints a grim picture.

Open dumps of garbage line the streets of Jalandhar, where heaps of waste accumulate throughout the day. The Municipal Corporation has sufficient machinery and staff to remove this garbage from dump sites. Additionally, the Corporation has engaged private contractors for sanitation services. Despite these efforts, garbage often remains uncollected for days.

Frequent strikes further disrupt the waste collection process, affecting the lifting of garbage. If municipal authorities resolve to improve sanitation and assign an officer to lead this campaign, revitalizing Jalandhar to its former glory would not be an impossible task.

It is imperative for the authorities to recognize the urgency of the situation and take concrete steps towards enhancing sanitation infrastructure. Public awareness campaigns on waste segregation and proper disposal methods can also play a significant role in restoring cleanliness to the city.

Jalandhar has the potential to be a shining example of cleanliness and beauty once again. With concerted efforts from both the administration and the residents, it can reclaim its status as Punjab’s most beautiful city.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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