Punjabi Power Couple to Lead Contingents at Republic Day Parade

by Manjari Singh

This Republic Day, a Punjabi son will not only march proudly down Kartavya Path leading the valiant Sikh Regiment, but witness his wife, equally valiant, commanding the Indian Coast Guard contingent – a first in the history of the parade. Major Sarabjeet Singh and Assistant Commandant Chunauti Sharma, a power couple etching their names in the annals of national glory, bring double the pride to Punjab on this 75th Republic Day, with French President Emmanuel Macron gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest.

For Major Singh, hailing from Amritsar, leading the Sikh Regiment, known for its unparalleled courage and unwavering commitment, is a dream come true. “It’s an honor beyond measure,” he says, his voice tinged with emoción. “But what makes it even more special is having my wife, Chunauti, marching alongside me, albeit on a different sea.”

Assistant Commandant Sharma, a daughter of Jalandhar, is a symbol of the rising Nari Shakti in India’s maritime defense. Commanding the Coast Guard contingent, she embodies the spirit of India’s unwavering vigil on its vast coastline. “It’s an immense responsibility,” she says, her voice resolute, “but knowing Sarabjeet is there, marching for the nation on land, fills me with even greater strength.”

Their story, etched in dedication and duty, transcends personal milestones. It becomes a powerful narrative of Punjab’s contribution to India’s defense forces, showcasing the state’s rich legacy of valor and unwavering commitment to the nation. With each confident stride down Kartavya Path, Major Singh and Assistant Commandant Sharma will not only represent their regiments, but also the unwavering spirit of Punjab, inspiring countless young men and women to dream big and serve the nation with unwavering dedication.

As the nation celebrates its 75th Republic Day, the eyes of Punjab will be glued to Kartavya Path, not just for the grand spectacle, but for the sight of their own, Major Sarabjeet Singh and Assistant Commandant Chunauti Sharma, setting new benchmarks for excellence, showcasing the true meaning of partnership and proving that love and duty can march, hand in hand, towards a brighter future for India.

This Republic Day, let the double thunder of Punjab’s pride resonate across the nation as Major Sarabjeet Singh and Assistant Commandant Chunauti Sharma take their rightful place atop the pantheon of national heroes, proving that love and service to the nation can indeed march in perfect step.

Manjari Singh

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