AGTF Scores Victory Against Goldy Brar-Rohit Godara Operatives

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a significant blow to the criminal underworld, the Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF) has successfully apprehended three key operatives affiliated with notorious gangsters Goldy Brar and Rohit Godara, associated with the infamous Lawrence Bishnoi gang. The operation, conducted in Zirakpur, unfolded with precision, marking a victory for law enforcement agencies in their relentless battle against organized crime.

The individuals in custody have been identified as Ajay Singh alias Ajaypal, Ankit, and Lakhwinder Singh alias Lucky, hailing from various regions in Haryana. Ajay and Ankit, residents of Bhiwani, and Lucky, a local resident of AKS Colony in Zirakpur, were intercepted by the AGTF, culminating in their arrest. This development follows a string of criminal activities attributed to their names, ranging from murder to extortion, echoing the dark underbelly of gang warfare that plagues the region.

According to authorities, Ankit had a notorious track record in Haryana, with multiple cases of murder, attempted murder, and extortion filed against him. Upon their apprehension, law enforcement confiscated two .32 calibre pistols, accompanied by 11 live cartridges, highlighting the grave threat these individuals posed to public safety. Furthermore, a vehicle linked to their illicit operations was seized, underscoring the depth of their criminal enterprise.

The diligent efforts of law enforcement personnel, spearheaded by ADGP Promod Ban and his teams, led to the successful operation that culminated in the arrest of these individuals. Acting on reliable intelligence, the AGTF swiftly moved to neutralize the imminent threat posed by these operatives, preventing potential acts of violence and bloodshed in the process.

Detailing the gravity of their offenses, DGP Gaurav Yadav disclosed that the apprehended individuals were actively involved in planning and executing target killings of rival gang members. Ankit, in particular, stands accused of orchestrating the murder of Jai Kumar alias Bhadar, a prominent figure within rival factions, who himself had a long history of criminal involvement. The brazen nature of their actions underscores the ruthlessness with which these criminal syndicates operate, sparing no one in their quest for dominance.

Yadav further revealed that Ajay and Ankit had ventured beyond state borders, attempting to carry out similar acts of violence in Rajasthan, indicative of the far-reaching influence wielded by these criminal networks.

The arrest of these individuals serves as a resounding testament to the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies in upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of citizens. It sends a clear message to criminal elements that their reign of terror will not go unchecked, and that justice will be served swiftly and decisively.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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