NIA Arrests Close Aide of Pro-Khalistan Terrorists

by Manjari Singh

In a significant breakthrough, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has apprehended an associate closely linked to two overseas operatives of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). The arrested individual, Gagandeep Singh, also known as “Miti,” was taken into custody during coordinated raids conducted by the NIA in Haryana and Punjab. Singh’s arrest marks the fifth person detained as part of the NIA’s ongoing efforts to dismantle the organized crime syndicate and network operated by the two terrorists in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Rajasthan.

According to an NIA spokesperson, Singh’s arrest is connected to a case involving the terrorist activities of chiefs and members belonging to proscribed pro-Khalistan organizations. The case was initiated by the NIA on August 20 last year, demonstrating the agency’s proactive stance in combating terrorism.

Earlier this year, the NIA successfully apprehended Lucky Khokhar, alias “Denis,” in Ganganagar in February, followed by the arrest of Jassa Singh from Moga on May 18. Additionally, Amritpal Singh, alias Ammy, and Amrik Singh from Firozpur were apprehended on May 19 at the IGI Airport in New Delhi.

While one of the suspects, Manpreet Singh, known as “Peeta,” has been residing in the Philippines, the other operative, Arshdeep Singh, currently resides in Canada and was recently declared a Proclaimed Offender by the NIA Special Court in Mohali. Arshdeep Singh is linked to a conspiracy involving the murder of a priest.

Investigations conducted by the NIA reveal that Gagandeep Singh had been assisting Arshdeep Singh and Manpreet Singh by facilitating the smuggling of weapons across the border. Moreover, Singh was involved in an extortion racket aimed at generating funds for the banned KTF. The two foreign-based operatives have been actively recruiting new members within India to carry out the terror group’s activities.

According to the NIA spokesperson, all the arrested individuals are operating under the guidance of Harjit Nijjar, the self-proclaimed leader of the KTF currently residing in Canada. Harjit Nijjar was designated as an ‘individual terrorist’ by the Ministry of Home Affairs in July 2020. The spokesperson further revealed that the terror organizations, including KTF, Khalistan Liberation Force, Babbar Khalsa International, International Sikh Youth Federation, and Khalistan Tiger Force, are involved in various nefarious activities, such as arms smuggling, extortion, and carrying out acts of terrorism like bomb explosions and targeted killings across India.

The NIA’s latest arrest serves as a significant blow to the pro-Khalistan network, reaffirming the agency’s commitment to combating terrorism and maintaining national security. The continued vigilance and coordinated efforts of security agencies remain crucial in dismantling such criminal networks and ensuring the safety and well-being of the nation’s citizens.

Manjari Singh

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