Mohali Police Smash International Immigration Ring

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a significant breakthrough, the Mohali State Special Operating Cell has apprehended two individuals from Ranjit Nagar, Delhi, identified as Mohammad Shazeb Abid, also known as Shazeb, and Mohammad Kaif. The duo stands accused of operating as immigration agents, facilitating the escape of gangsters facing legal proceedings to various European nations, including Poland and Portugal.

The arrests come as a culmination of a diligent investigation after the apprehension of Jagjeet Singh, alias Jeeta, and Sonu, residents of Jalandhar, who were embroiled in a similar immigration racket.

Unraveling a complex web of deceit, it was revealed that Shazeb and Kaif aided criminals by fabricating passports and identities based on forged documents. Their illicit enterprise came to light after it was discovered that approximately 20 individuals with criminal backgrounds had fled the country using passports and documents procured through these agents.

One notable instance was the escape of gangster Gopi Nawashehria, a known associate of Pakistan-based terrorist Harvinder, alias Rinda, who absconded to Poland under a false identity in 2022. Other fugitives included Sukhjit Singh, alias Sukha Kalaudi, who fled to the US, and Gurpreet Singh, alias Lehmber Sidhwan, who made his way to Canada.

According to police reports, the modus operandi of the arrested individuals involved the fabrication of counterfeit visas to circumvent regular immigration procedures, enabling their clients to gain entry into European countries through clandestine routes, notably via Bangladesh.

The intricate process commenced with the creation of fake Aadhaar cards, driving licenses, and other essential documents. Subsequently, an outdated “original passport” lacking electronic chips was procured, allowing for the substitution of the client’s image while retaining crucial personal information from the original passport holder.

To execute their plan, the accused escorted their clients to Siliguri in West Bengal, facilitating their entry into Bangladesh through remote forest routes. Once in Bangladesh, arrangements were made for their temporary stay before orchestrating their transit to Hong Kong and, eventually, to European destinations.

A case has been registered under Sections 467, 468, 471, and 120-B of the IPC along with violations of the Passport Act, 1967, highlighting the gravity of the charges against the arrested individuals.

The apprehension of Shazeb and Kaif underscores the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies to dismantle criminal networks engaged in facilitating illegal immigration and ensuring the integrity of immigration processes. With these arrests, authorities aim to disrupt such illicit operations and uphold the rule of law, safeguarding national security interests.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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