Mastermind of 2016 Pathankot Attack, Shahid Latif, Shot Dead in Pakistan

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant development, India’s most wanted terrorist, Shahid Latif, the alleged mastermind behind the 2016 Pathankot attack, has been reportedly shot dead in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Shahid Latif, a prominent figure within the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorist organization was the mastermind behind the 2016 Pathankot attack, which was a major terror strike on Indian soil, resulting in the loss of several lives and significant damage to the Pathankot Air Force Base. Latif’s alleged involvement in planning and executing the attack had placed him at the top of India’s most-wanted list.

Shahid Latif’s death serves as a stark reminder that even individuals with connections to terrorist organizations are not safe within the borders of Pakistan. While the nation has consistently faced accusations of harboring and supporting terrorist elements, this incident underscores the unpredictability and volatility of the counterterrorism landscape in Pakistan. The circumstances surrounding Latif’s death may raise questions about the extent of control and influence that Pakistan exercises over various militant groups operating within its borders. It adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism in the region and highlights the imperative for Pakistan to take decisive actions against extremist elements, irrespective of their origin or affiliations, to truly establish itself as a responsible and accountable actor in the fight against terrorism.

India has long accused Pakistan of harboring and providing support to terrorist groups operating against Indian interests. In the past, Pakistan has denied these allegations, asserting that it is committed to fighting terrorism on all fronts. Latif’s death, under these uncertain circumstances, proves otherwise.

Antariksh Singh

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