Massive Drug Bust: Pakistani Boat Seized with Narcotics Worth Rs 600 Crore

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, authorities have seized a Pakistani boat carrying a staggering 86 kg of narcotics valued at Rs 600 crore off the coast of Porbandar, Gujarat. The operation, hailed as a joint success by the Indian Coast Guard, Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Gujarat, and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), marks another blow to illicit drug networks operating in the region.

Dubbed “Sagarmanthan-II” by the NCB, this operation represents the latest in a series of successful maritime interdictions. Just within the past 70 days, this collaboration has resulted in the seizure of substantial narcotics shipments, including 3,300 kg in February and 62 kg in March, underscoring the persistent efforts to stem the flow of illegal substances.

The operation was set in motion following a tip-off received by the ATS regarding a foreign vessel suspected of trafficking narcotics into Indian waters. Acting swiftly on the information, authorities mobilized ships and aircraft, with the Indian Coast Guard taking the lead. In the early hours of April 26, the suspect vessel was located within Indian maritime territory.

ICGS Rajratan, a vigilant coast guard vessel, spearheaded the interception effort. Accompanied by officials from the NCB and the ATS, the coast guard team swiftly identified and approached the suspicious boat. Despite attempts to evade capture, the vessel was successfully boarded, and a thorough inspection revealed a substantial cache of narcotics on board.

All 14 crew members, nationals of Pakistan, were promptly apprehended, and the boat, along with its illicit cargo, was seized. The vessel is currently being escorted to Porbandar for further investigation and legal proceedings.

The successful operation underscores the effectiveness of coordinated efforts between various law enforcement agencies in combatting transnational crime. Over the past three years, the Indian Coast Guard has executed 11 similar “law enforcement operations,” further demonstrating the resolve to safeguard the nation’s maritime borders and curb illegal activities.

As investigations continue into the origins and intended destination of the seized narcotics, authorities remain vigilant against the persistent threat posed by drug trafficking networks. The collaborative efforts of the Indian Coast Guard, ATS Gujarat, and the NCB serve as a potent deterrent to such criminal enterprises, sending a clear message that illicit activities will not go unchecked in Indian waters.

Antariksh Singh

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