India Progresses Six Spots On The World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index

by Manjari Singh

India now ranks 38th out of 139 nations on the World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index (LPI) 2023, gaining six places as a result of major expenditures in both technology and soft and hard infrastructure.

India moved up to 38th in the 2023 ranking from 44th in the index in 2018. India now performs significantly better than it did in 2014 when it was rated 54th on the LPI.

The PM Gati Shakti program, a National Master Plan for multimodal connectivity was unveiled in October 2021, to lower transportation costs and boost the country’s infrastructure by 2024–2025.

The National Logistics Policy (NLP) was introduced by the prime minister in 2022 with the goals of ensuring speedy last-mile delivery, resolving transportation-related issues, helping the manufacturing sector save time and money, and achieving the necessary speed in the logistics sector.

These policy changes are paying off, as seen by the increase in India’s LPI and other indices. India’s infrastructure score improved five positions, from 52nd in 2018 to 47th in 2023, according to research. By moving from 44th in 2018 to 22nd in 2023 for international shipments, it also improved four spots to 48th in logistics competency and equity.

India had a 17-place improvement in timeline rankings while moving up three spots to 38th in tracking and tracing. According to the survey, emerging economies like India are catching up to developed economies because of modernization and digitalization.

According to the research, “Since 2015, the Government of India has invested in trade-related soft and hard infrastructure connecting port gateways on both coasts to the economic poles in the hinterland.” With the development of a supply chain visibility platform through a public-private collaboration, which helped to significantly reduce delays, technology has been a crucial part of this initiative.

In comparison to some of the industrialized nations, India and Singapore had an average container stay time between May and October 2022 of just three days. The US had a seven-day dwell period, while Germany had ten days.

Manjari Singh

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