India and Greece Forge Stronger Ties; Aim to Double Bilateral Trade by 2030

by Dr. Jasneet Bedi

New Delhi, India – In a significant stride towards bolstering diplomatic relations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India hosted his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, for bilateral talks in New Delhi on Wednesday. The meeting marked a historic occasion as Mitsotakis became the first Greek Prime Minister to visit India in 16 years.

Addressing the media alongside Mitsotakis, Prime Minister Modi expressed his delight at the resurgence of diplomatic engagements between the two nations. He emphasized the importance of the occasion, highlighting the commitment to doubling bilateral trade by 2030. Modi remarked, “The visit of the Greek PM to India after 16 years is a historic occasion. It’s a matter of happiness that we are heading towards doubling the bilateral trade by 2030.”

An essential aspect of the discussion revolved around Greece’s active participation in the Indo-Pacific region, with Modi welcoming Greece’s decision to join the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative. Both leaders reiterated their commitment to resolving disputes through dialogue and diplomacy, underscoring the significance of peaceful conflict resolution.

Looking ahead, Prime Minister Modi unveiled plans to commemorate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Greece with an action plan aimed at showcasing their common heritage in various domains on the global stage. He underscored the potential for cooperation in defense, cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, and maritime security, reflecting a shared commitment to addressing common challenges.

Mitsotakis echoed Modi’s sentiments, emphasizing the deep-rooted ties and shared values between Greece and India. He hailed India as the world’s largest democracy and highlighted the mutual political will to establish partnerships and explore synergies. Both leaders expressed optimism about finalizing agreements on crucial issues like migration and mobility, paving the way for enhanced collaboration.

Speaking warmly of his relationship with Prime Minister Modi, Mitsotakis described him as a visionary leader and a true friend. He acknowledged the importance of strengthening ties with India, citing increased bilateral contacts and the development of partnerships as evidence of their commitment.

Mitsotakis’s visit holds strategic significance, marking the first head of state/government-level engagement between Greece and India in 15 years. His participation as the chief guest and keynote speaker at the ninth edition of the Raisina Dialogue further underscores the growing cooperation between the two nations.

As India and Greece reaffirm their commitment to closer ties, the bilateral talks symbolize a renewed era of collaboration and mutual understanding. With shared aspirations for peace, prosperity, and progress, both nations are poised to chart a path of cooperation across various spheres, heralding a new chapter in their longstanding relationship.

Dr. Jasneet Bedi

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