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Honoring Punjab’s Agricultural Heroes: PAU Recognizes Farmers’ Exemplary Contributions

by Manjari Singh

In a celebration of unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements in agriculture and allied enterprises, the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) is set to honor seven outstanding individuals on the eve of the Kisan Mela, to be held at the PAU campus in Ludhiana on March 14. These exemplary farmers and entrepreneurs will be recognized with plaques, citations, and cash awards for their significant contributions to the agrarian sector.

Among the distinguished awardees is Manjit Kaur from the village of Nila Naloya in Hoshiarpur district, who will be presented with the prestigious ‘Sardarni Prakash Kaur Sra Memorial Award’ for her remarkable achievements in agri-entrepreneurship. Manjit Kaur has carved a niche for herself with her entrepreneurial ventures, showcasing the spirit of innovation and enterprise.

The ‘CRI Pump Awards’ will be bestowed upon Taranjit Singh from Bugra village in Hoshiarpur district and Randhir Singh Bhullar from Salana Jiwan Singh Wala village in Fatehgarh Sahib district. These awards recognize their dedication to scientific and organic farming respectively, highlighting their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.

Balkar Singh, a 65-year-old farmer from Sawal village in Kapurthala district, will be honored with the ‘Jathedar Gurdita Singh Mahal Memorial Award’ for his remarkable achievements in horticulture. Balkar Singh’s meticulous approach to farming on his 13-acre land has earned him accolades from the government on two occasions, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the field.

Dhana Singh, a resident of Ugrahan village in Sangrur district, will be feted with the ‘Chief Minister’s Award’ for his excellence in vegetable nursery raising and cultivation. Despite owning a modest four acres of land and leasing an additional five acres, Dhana Singh has emerged as a source of inspiration for fellow farmers, demonstrating the potential for success through dedication and hard work.

Jagtar Singh from Arayan Wala Kalan village in Faridkot district will also receive the ‘Chief Minister’s Award’ for his relentless efforts in horticulture. With a strong focus on diversification, Jagtar Singh has demonstrated the potential for agricultural growth and innovation on his 100-acre farm, setting a shining example for others to follow.

Ranjit Singh Bajwa, hailing from Fatehullapur village in Hoshiarpur district, will be honored with the ‘Chief Minister’s Award’ for his outstanding contributions to crop production and subsidiary occupations. Ranjit Singh’s multifaceted approach to farming, including wheat cultivation, sugarcane production, and dairy and poultry farming, highlights the potential for integrated farming systems to drive economic progress.

The recognition bestowed upon these exemplary individuals by the Punjab Agricultural University serves as a testament to their tireless efforts and dedication to the advancement of agriculture in the region. Their achievements not only inspire fellow farmers but also underscore the vital role of innovation and entrepreneurship in shaping the future of Punjab’s agrarian landscape. As Punjab continues to embrace sustainable agricultural practices and harness the potential of its farming community, these individuals stand as beacons of hope and progress in the journey towards a prosperous and resilient agricultural sector.

Manjari Singh

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