Headmasters Enrolled in IIM-A for Specialized Training

by Manjari Singh

In a groundbreaking initiative to enhance the quality of education in the state, the first batch of headmasters embarked on a journey of expert training at the esteemed Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. The momentous occasion was marked by a flag-off ceremony held on Sunday.

Speaking to the media during the ceremony, the Chief Minister highlighted the importance of equipping educational leaders with cutting-edge skills. While previous delegations of principals had returned after receiving training in Singapore, this batch is now set to undergo a five-day upscaling program in Ahmedabad. The primary objective is to empower these headmasters with advanced techniques and knowledge, ensuring they can provide top-notch education to their students. The ultimate goal is to help students compete effectively with their peers from convent-educated backgrounds.

Drawing an analogy, the Chief Minister likened the impact of updated teachers to that of good coaches who produce excellent players. A well-trained and updated teacher is believed to play a crucial role in grooming talented students, preparing them for a promising future.

Highlighting his commitment to improving the education system, the Chief Minister revealed that since assuming office, he has been steadfast in regularizing the services of 12,710 teachers, despite facing various legal and administrative challenges. Moreover, he announced a progressive initiative to grant a 5% annual increment to these teachers, alongside generous holiday allowances.

In another significant move, the Cabinet has given its approval to the new Sports Policy-2023. This visionary policy is designed to focus on job creation, extensive training opportunities, attractive incentives, and the development of robust sports infrastructure for players across the state.

This pioneering approach to teacher training and the emphasis on sports development showcase the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering a well-rounded and thriving educational ecosystem. By investing in educators’ expertise and nurturing young talents in sports, the state is set to take great strides toward a brighter and more promising future for its citizens.

Manjari Singh

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