Gurdwara Dispute Turns Deadly in Sultanpur Lodhi

by News Desk

The tranquility of the early winter morning in Punjab was shattered on November 22, 2023, when a clash between two Nihang Sikh groups over the ownership of Gurdwara Akalpur Bunga in Kapurthala escalated into a violent confrontation, resulting in the tragic death of a police officer and leaving several others injured.

The dispute over Gurdwara Akalpur Bunga, a revered Sikh shrine, has been simmering for some time, with two rival Nihang factions laying claim to its ownership. The tension between the groups reached a boiling point when nearly three dozen Nihangs from one faction attempted to seize control of the gurdwara.

In response, police intervened to prevent the takeover, but their efforts were met with fierce resistance from the Nihangs. The situation quickly spiraled out of control, as both sides resorted to violence, leading to a chaotic and deadly clash.

In the ensuing melee, one police officer was killed, while three others sustained injuries. The Nihangs also suffered injuries, with some reports suggesting that as many as five were wounded.

Press Note by Police

The incident has sent shockwaves through Punjab’s Sikh community, casting a shadow over the state’s otherwise peaceful atmosphere. It has also raised concerns about the growing influence of aggressive groups and their tendency to resort to violence in resolving disputes.

News Desk

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