From Muktsar to Vancouver: A Proud Journey of a Police Officer’s Son

by Antariksh Singh

In a remarkable journey from the quiet town of Muktsar to the bustling city of Vancouver, Jashanpreet Singh Brar, a 24-year-old man, has carved out his own path by becoming a Correctional Officer in Canada. The son of a retired Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of Muktsar Police, Jashanpreet’s story is one of dedication, hard work, and familial pride.

Jashanpreet embarked on his Canadian adventure in August 2017, armed with a study visa and dreams of a promising future. A proud alumnus of Bhai Mastan Singh Public School in Muktsar, he not only pursued his academic goals but also embraced the multicultural experience that Canada offered.

Upon completing his studies, Jashanpreet delved into the Canadian workforce, where he worked part-time as a security officer and even took on responsibilities as an executive at a liquor store. These experiences not only honed his professional skills but also provided him with a diverse set of experiences, preparing him for the challenges ahead.

His father, Kaur Singh Brar, expressed his pride, stating, “I am feeling proud that my son is following in my footsteps. I had joined the state police in 1992 as a constable and retired as an ASI. My son has today (January 2) joined the duty as a Correctional Officer in Canada. My daughter is also settled in Canada and working as a private dentist. Both of my children were brilliant in their studies.”

The Brar family, hailing from the agrarian background of Kotli Sanghar village, now boasts not one but two children making strides in their respective fields in Canada. What makes this achievement even more notable is that none of them had secured a government job abroad before.

A Correctional Officer’s role is a crucial one, involving the supervision of prisoners during work assignments, meals, and recreation periods. Jashanpreet’s journey from the fields of Kotli Sanghar to the correctional facilities of Vancouver symbolizes the potential and opportunities that lie beyond borders for those with determination and a commitment to excellence.

As Jashanpreet steps into his new role, he carries with him not only the responsibilities of a Correctional Officer but also the hopes and aspirations of his family and community back in Muktsar. His story serves as an inspiration for many young individuals in small towns, proving that with dedication and hard work, one can reach new heights, even in a foreign land.

Antariksh Singh

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