From Darkness to Redemption: Gurdaspur’s New Warrior Against Drug Menace

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In the heart of Mojuwal village in Kalanaur block, a tale of triumph over the monstrous grip of addiction is unfolding. Jagjit Singh, 35, once a prisoner of the devastating ‘chitta’ web, is now emerging as a beacon of hope in the relentless fight against the drug menace, thanks to the determined efforts of the Gurdaspur police.

Jagjit’s story is not just one of personal redemption but also a testament to the transformative power of collective action against the shadows of addiction. He now stands tall as the poster boy for the Gurdaspur police’s campaign to rescue the youth ensnared by the lethal claws of drugs.

His journey from despair to recovery began when he mustered the courage to walk into SSP Harish Dayama’s office in September, a day etched in the memory of those present. Jagjit, barely able to stand, opened up about his descent into the abyss of drug addiction, pleading for a chance at redemption.

SSP Dayama, recognizing the gravity of the situation, cleared the room, giving Jagjit the space he needed to unburden his soul. The truth spilled out, a painful confession of how ‘chitta’ had torn apart his life, livelihood, family name, and his son’s future.

With compassion and determination, SSP Dayama reached out to Gurvinder Singh, who heads an NGO in Kalanaur. This organization stepped in, covering the costs of Jagjit’s treatment at a private rehabilitation center. The journey to recovery was arduous, with the toughest battle fought against the relentless cravings that sought to drag him back into the abyss.

In the capable hands of Romesh Mahajan, the project director of the Red-Cross De-addiction Centre, Jagjit found solace and strength. Mahajan emphasizes, “Ninety per cent of the battle is won once an addict controls his craving, otherwise he will relapse.”

What sets Jagjit’s story apart is his commitment to not only reclaiming his life but also aiding law enforcement in the pursuit of justice. In a remarkable twist, he is actively assisting the police in apprehending his former associates who fueled his destructive addiction.

Inspired by the success of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Gurdaspur police are set to launch Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in the district, with Jagjit as its central figure. This grassroots initiative, driven by the concept of one reformed addict helping another, aims to create a supportive community for those battling the chains of addiction.

Jagjit Singh’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that, with the right support and determination, individuals can break free from the clutches of addiction and become instrumental in the fight against the very demons they once battled. His story resonates not only in Gurdaspur but as a beacon of hope for communities grappling with the pervasive menace of drug addiction worldwide.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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