Eight Eminent Punjabi Litterateurs Felicitated in Ludhiana

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a heartwarming celebration of literary excellence, the Punjabi Sahit Akademi bestowed prestigious awards upon eight remarkable Punjabi litterateurs on a luminous Sunday evening at the iconic Punjabi Bhawan in Ludhiana. The event was graced by the presence of former Chancellor of the Central University of Punjab, Sardara Singh Johal, and renowned poet Surjit Patar, along with a gathering of avid literature enthusiasts.

These distinguished awards, established four decades ago, serve as a testament to the literary prowess of writers who have dedicated their lives to enriching Punjabi literature. The honorees, through their work, have not only preserved the essence of Punjabi culture but also inspired generations of aspiring writers to follow their creative footsteps.

Jagjit Singh Anand Yaadgari Award for Prose – Surjan Zirvi: In a poignant moment, the late Surjan Zirvi, who passed away last year in Canada, was posthumously honored with the Jagjit Singh Anand Yaadgari Award for Prose. His contributions to Punjabi literature continue to resonate with readers, even in his absence.

Mal Singh Rampuri Yaadgari Award – Jang Bahadur Goyal: Jang Bahadur Goyal, a retired civil servant and a distinguished author, was awarded the Mal Singh Rampuri Yaadgari Award. His literary achievements have enriched Punjabi literature and inspired many aspiring writers.

Ravinder Singh Ravi Yaadgari Award – Surjit Bhatti: Surjit Bhatti, an illustrious figure in the world of Punjabi literature, received the Ravinder Singh Ravi Yaadgari Award. His words have not only captivated readers but also left a lasting impact on the literary landscape.

Kartar Singh Shamsher Yaadgari Award – Balbir Singh Kanwal: Balbir Singh Kanwal was honored with the prestigious Kartar Singh Shamsher Yaadgari Award. His remarkable contributions to Punjabi literature have earned him a place of reverence among his peers.

Gursharan Singh Yaadgari Award – Jatinder Brar: Jatinder Brar was lauded with the Gursharan Singh Yaadgari Award, acknowledging his significant role in promoting Punjabi literature and culture.

Nirapjit Kaur Gill Yaadgari Award – Tejinder Harjit: Tejinder Harjit, a distinguished author of children’s literature, was presented with the Nirapjit Kaur Gill Yaadgari Award. Her enchanting stories have charmed young readers and kindled their love for Punjabi literature.

Jagjeet Singh Lyallpuri Yaadgari Award – Satpal Bhikhi: Satpal Bhikhi was recognized for his outstanding contributions with the Jagjeet Singh Lyallpuri Yaadgari Award. His literary journey has been a source of inspiration for many.

Mata Jaswant Kaur Sarvottam Maulik Bal Pustak Award – Hari Krishan Mayur: Hari Krishan Mayur was accorded the prestigious Mata Jaswant Kaur Sarvottam Maulik Bal Pustak Award, recognizing his exceptional work in the realm of children’s literature.

Speaking at the event, General Secretary of Punjabi Sahit Akademi, Guriqbal Singh, emphasized the importance of honoring these literary stalwarts and their pivotal role in inspiring young writers to continue the legacy of Punjabi literature.

The evening was not only a celebration of the past but also a testament to the enduring spirit of Punjabi literature. The legacy of these awardees will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations of writers and readers, keeping the rich tapestry of Punjabi culture alive through the power of words.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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