Canadian Parliamentarian Urges Swift Action Against Rising Hate Crimes by Khalistan Extremists

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In a call for immediate action, Chandra Arya, an Indian-origin parliamentarian in Canada, has appealed to the Justin Trudeau-led government to address the alarming surge in hate crimes against Canadian minorities. This plea follows a recent threat by a Khalistani group to target the Laxmi Narayan temple in Surrey on November 26. The unsettling incident comes merely a week after Khalistani supporters verbally abused a Sikh family outside a gurdwara.

Expressing his concern on social media, Arya emphasized the urgency of government intervention. “Like a broken record, I am again asking the Canadian authorities to step in and take action,” he stated. Reports indicate that the same Khalistani group involved in the verbal assault on the Sikh family now aims to disrupt peace at the Laxmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey.

Arya highlighted the misuse of freedom of speech and expression as a pretext for such actions. “All these are being done in the name of freedom of speech and expression. Like a broken record, I am again asking the Canadian authorities to step in and take action. Temples have been attacked many times during the last couple of years,” he asserted.

The parliamentarian strongly condemned the hate crimes targeting Canadian minorities, stressing that allowing such incidents to persist openly and publicly is unacceptable. In his plea, Arya called for a robust response from the Canadian government to ensure the safety and security of the minority communities.

Communal tensions have persisted in Canada for five months following the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar outside a gurdwara in Surrey. Nijjar, wanted in India, was murdered by unidentified assailants on June 18. The incident sparked widespread protests by Khalistani supporters in Canada, with online posters inciting violence against Indian diplomats and missions surfacing in July.

As Canada grapples with the repercussions of these incidents, Arya’s call for swift and decisive action underscores the pressing need for measures to curb hate crimes and safeguard the diverse communities that call Canada their home.

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