Bloom Review Reveals Aggressive Khalistan Extremism in UK; Calls for Urgent Action

by Antariksh Singh

The Bloom Review, an independent report commissioned by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has raised concerns over the growing influence of pro-Khalistan extremists within the British Sikh community. The report calls for urgent government action to address the issue and safeguard the majority of Sikhs in the UK who do not align with this extremist ideology.

The report highlights the timeliness of addressing this issue, as it notes that Sikh communities in the UK face coercion and intimidation by fringe Khalistani elements. These pro-Khalistan groups artificially inflate their influence and garner disproportionate attention by lobbying political bodies under the guise of human rights activism. This creates a false appearance of legitimacy, which does not align with the core beliefs of the Sikh faith.

It is crucial to understand that Khalistani separatists do not represent the majority of British Sikh communities. The Bloom Review acknowledges the negative impact these extremist groups have on Sikh communities, emphasizing the need for the government to take steps to define and deal with harmful extremism.

The report also identifies individuals and organizations that are fuelling this separatist agenda. One such group has been linked to the mistreatment of Lord Singh of Wimbledon. Lord Singh, a prominent Sikh figure in public life, claims he was harassed and silenced by certain individuals and organizations for expressing views contrary to theirs on Sikh issues. This incident highlights the power struggle within some areas of the British Sikh community’s over-representation at official levels and recognition as the preeminent Sikh body in the UK.

According to the Bloom Review, the majority of British Sikhs consider the intimidating and subversive methods used by pro-Khalistani groups to be alien to the basic tenets of the Sikh faith. The report urges the UK government to develop a more nuanced understanding of subversive and sectarian Sikh extremist activity and ensure that such extremist behaviours are not inadvertently legitimized by government or parliamentary engagement.

The report comes at a crucial time, as earlier this year, India-UK ties were impacted by Khalistani elements vandalizing the Indian High Commission in the UK. The UK government assured the safety of the Indian mission following the incident. As such, addressing pro-Khalistan extremism in Britain is not only essential for the well-being of British Sikh communities but also for fostering strong diplomatic relations between the UK and India.

The Bloom Review serves as a timely reminder of the need for the UK government to take action against pro-Khalistan extremism within British Sikh communities. The report emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between mainstream Sikh communities and extremist elements to ensure the safety and well-being of Sikhs in the UK and maintain strong diplomatic ties with India.

The report can be downloaded here.

Antariksh Singh

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