Bhatia’s Bright Idea: Lighting Up Lives and Winning Hearts

by Manjari Singh

In a testament to India’s spirit of innovation and social activism, two young Indians have been honored with the prestigious Diana Legacy Awards, joining an elite group of global changemakers recognized for their remarkable contributions to society. Uday Bhatia, the brain behind Uday Electric, and Manasi Gupta, the founder of Huesofthemind Foundation, stood out among 20 recipients worldwide, receiving their accolades at a grand ceremony in London’s esteemed Science Museum.

The Diana Legacy Awards, instituted by the Diana Award charity in memory of the late Princess of Wales, mark their 25th anniversary by celebrating young individuals who have shown exceptional dedication to social causes or humanitarian endeavors. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, himself, presented the awards to the deserving recipients, acknowledging their courage, compassion, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Uday Bhatia’s journey as a social innovator traces back to his teenage years, where he witnessed firsthand the struggles of students in the slums of Bichpuri, Uttar Pradesh, grappling with frequent power outages that hampered their educational pursuits. Determined to address this pressing issue, Bhatia embarked on a mission to develop a solution. His groundbreaking invention, the Outage Guard bulb, offers a cost-effective means to ensure uninterrupted lighting for up to 10 hours during power cuts, significantly benefiting families in need. Through his initiative, nearly a thousand households have gained access to stable and reliable electricity, opening doors to improved educational and employment opportunities.

Speaking on receiving the Diana Legacy Award, Bhatia expressed his gratitude and highlighted the significance of the recognition in amplifying his impact. He credited his late grandmother for instilling in him the values of social responsibility and urged fellow youth to embrace innovation as a tool for positive change. With unwavering determination, Bhatia now sets his sights on expanding his efforts to tackle broader energy challenges, aiming to illuminate every household worldwide, one bulb at a time.

Alongside Bhatia, Manasi Gupta’s pioneering work in mental health advocacy earned her recognition on the global stage. As the founder of Huesofthemind Foundation, Gupta has been instrumental in raising awareness about mental health issues and promoting holistic well-being among adolescents and young adults in Haryana. Her dedication and resilience in challenging stigma and fostering a supportive community have made a profound difference in the lives of many.

The achievements of Bhatia and Gupta underscore the transformative power of youth-driven initiatives in addressing pressing societal concerns. As they join the esteemed ranks of Diana Legacy Award recipients, they serve as beacons of hope and inspiration for countless others, reaffirming the belief that every individual has the potential to effect positive change, regardless of their age or background.

As we celebrate their remarkable accomplishments, let us also reflect on the collective responsibility we share in nurturing and empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators who will shape the future of our world.

Manjari Singh

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