Amritsar Gears Up to Host Military Literature Festival Early Next Year

by Manjari Singh

In a bid to foster awareness about the invaluable contributions of the armed forces and ignite a sense of patriotism among the youth, Amritsar is set to host the second district-level edition of the Military Literature Festival. The event is organized by the Military Literature Festival Association and will be chaired by the esteemed Lt-Gen TS Shergill (retd.). Following the triumph of its inaugural edition in Patiala in January, the festival is gearing up for an even more impactful return.

Scheduled for early 2024, the organizers have meticulously considered the academic calendar of students and various logistical factors. The recent edition of the festival commenced in Chandigarh on December 2, unveiling an impressive lineup of speakers. Renowned figures such as former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, Manish Tewari, IFS Ajay Bisaria, and distinguished military veterans like Lt Gen SL Narsimhan, Lt Gen Prakash Menon, Lt Gen KJ Singh, and Lt Gen JS Cheema are among the notable participants. Adding depth to the discussions, Tibetologist Claude Arpi and historians Prof Indu Banga and Dr. Karamjit Malhotra will contribute their valuable insights.

A distinctive characteristic of this edition is the profound focus on Punjab and its rich military history, encapsulating the essence of ‘Punjabiyat.’ Conversations will unravel the strategic vision of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, examining his monumental contributions through conquest, which expanded Indian territories to include Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Ballistan, and Ladakh.

The festival does not confine itself to regional narratives alone. Recognizing the global interplay of forces affecting stability and peace, expert discussions will delve into potentially destabilizing and polarizing conflicts in regions like Ukraine and the Middle East. The aim is to analyze their reverberations on a global scale. Contemporary regional issues will also be scrutinized, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the intricate geopolitical landscape.

As Amritsar prepares to welcome this intellectual convergence, the Military Literature Festival stands poised to be a beacon of knowledge, fostering a deep appreciation for the military’s role and promoting an informed and engaged citizenry. The amalgamation of historical perspectives, contemporary analyses, and global insights promises an enriching experience for all participants.

Manjari Singh

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