ABC Journalist Departs India Despite Visa Approval: Australian Officials

by Antariksh Singh

In a recent development, Australian authorities have confirmed that Avani Dias, Chief of Bureau for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), opted to depart India despite being granted a visa by Indian officials. This revelation comes amidst earlier claims by Dias that her departure was prompted by purported visa extension issues.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Dias, who had been stationed in India as the South Asia bureau chief for ABC since January 2022, left the country abruptly last week. While Dias alleged that her exit was due to visa complications and a purported inability to cover India’s general elections, insights from Australian officials shed new light on the situation.

Australian government insiders praised the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for its handling of the case, expressing satisfaction with the assistance and cooperation extended during discussions surrounding Dias’s visa extension. Despite India’s granting of the visa, Dias had already made the decision to depart India by that time, officials revealed.

Contrary to Dias’s earlier assertions, an unnamed Indian government official dismissed claims of visa-related impediments to her journalistic activities in India. Instead, the official cited personal reasons for Dias’s departure, emphasizing that her exit was not linked to any delays in visa processing.

The acknowledgment of Dias’s departure underscores the importance of ABC’s coverage of India, especially during critical events such as elections, for both Australians and the Australian government. However, the circumstances surrounding Dias’s exit highlight the complexities involved in international journalism assignments and the diverse factors that may influence such decisions.

Antariksh Singh

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