A Ray of Hope: Canada Applauds India’s Visa Decision Amid Tensions

by Antariksh Singh

Canada is relieved and has warmly received India’s recent decision to resume some visa services for Canadians, marking a positive turn in diplomatic relations between the two nations. The resumption of visa services comes after a period of heightened tensions, and it is seen as a “good sign” by Canadian officials.

India’s high commission in Canada announced on Wednesday that it would recommence processing certain types of visa applications for Canadians, both within the country and abroad. This move signals a step towards normalizing diplomatic relations and fostering people-to-people connections between the two countries.

The decision to suspend visa services was made by India a month ago in response to growing tensions sparked by unfounded allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau had alleged the “potential” involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18 in British Columbia, a claim that India vehemently rejected as “absurd” and “motivated.” Hardeep Singh Nijjar had been designated a terrorist by India in 2020.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller expressed relief at India’s decision, describing it as a “good sign” after a period of uncertainty for many Canadians. The resumption of visa services will have a significant impact on various categories, including entry visas, business visas, medical visas, and conference visas.

Marilyne Guevremont, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada (GAC), which manages the country’s diplomatic and consular relations, emphasized the importance of people-to-people ties between Canada and India. She stated that India’s decision to resume visa services will facilitate easier travel for families and businesses, promoting closer connections between the two nations.

The Canada-India Business Council also welcomed this positive development, highlighting its potential to enhance trade relations between the two countries. Victor Thomas, the head of the council, described it as “a promising development” and noted that it signifies the commitment of both governments to support bilateral business and investments, even in challenging times.

As both nations continue to engage in diplomatic discussions and foster goodwill, the decision to reopen visa services stands as a tangible step towards strengthening bonds and promoting cooperation between Canada and India. It is a “good sign” not only for Canadians but also for the future of the bilateral relationship between these two nations.

Antariksh Singh

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