A Cultural Touchdown: Sikh Games Bringing India and Australia Closer

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The 35th Australian Sikh Games anticipates a record turnout of 100,000 attendees, with 6,000 registered players participating in the event at the Gold Coast Performance Centre and nearby fields from April 7th to 9th, 2023.

Tireless efforts are being made by the local Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) of Brisbane and Gold Coast to arrange free food service to welcome a swarm of people attending one of the biggest sporting and cultural events of the Australian Sikh community.

The organising committees, community clubs and hundreds of volunteers are putting the final touches on sports and ‘langar’ (free food) arrangements for the 35th Australian Sikh Games being in Gold Coast during the Easter weekend.

Like every year, national and international level players will participate in different sports.

The Sikh Games organising committee has invited everyone to this three-day spectacle of sport and culture, which is to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

During an interview, Randeep Singh Johal, representative of the cultural wing of the Games Executive Committee, thanked the local government and the council for their support and assured that these games would prove to be a milestone in the history of Australia.

“There is a lot of excitement among the Australian Punjabi community for these games.”

“We expect the attendance to cross one lakh this time. So far, we have registered nearly 6000 players to participate, which is the largest ever recorded figure,” he said.

These games are held every year in different cities in Australia with the joint venture of volunteers and the community.

“There is a great need for more attendants for sports arrangements and ‘langar’ (free food) service. So we appeal to the local community for help in making this joint venture a reality,” Mr Johal said.

“We are getting full cooperation from various religious and social organisations for the necessary arrangements given the large number of spectators for which we are very grateful.”

Mr Johal said that the expenditure for the upcoming games is estimated to be around seven lakh dollars.

In addition to sports, the event also showcases activities like cultural programs, turban-tying competitions, photo exhibitions and a Sikh forum.

The Australian Sikh Games not only serve as a platform to celebrate sports and culture but also play a crucial role in strengthening India-Australia relations. By providing an opportunity for people of Indian descent and the broader Australian community to interact, the event fosters mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. The games have contributed to greater cultural exchange and cooperation between the two nations, thereby paving the way for more collaborative initiatives in various fields. Furthermore, the event showcases the positive impact and contributions of the Indian community in Australia, which further enhances the diplomatic ties between India and Australia.

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