Veer Bal Diwas: India’s Call To Youth For a Legacy of Sacrifice and Inspiration

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In the vast tapestry of history, only a select few societies, communities, or nations possess narratives that resonate with tales of profound sacrifice and unyielding valour. India is fortunate to hold a rich collection of such stories deeply ingrained in its collective memory.

On January 9th, 2022, the auspicious occasion of the Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Prime Minister declared that the 26th of December henceforth shall be observed as ‘Veer Bal Diwas.’ This day is designated to honor the martyrdom of Sahibzadas Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji, sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh. This proclamation heralded a new chapter, a solemn undertaking to perpetuate the remembrance of supreme sacrifices that have resonated through generations.

Sahibzade Zorawar Singh Ji and Sahibzade Fateh Singh Ji, courageous children of the soil, have left an indelible mark within our shared consciousness, symbolizing bravery and sacrifice. The legacy of these noble souls exemplifies a resolute determination for justice. Veer Bal Diwas, in its commemoration, pays a fitting tribute to their immense bravery and invincible spirit.

Beyond the time constraints, brave boys and girls have been torchbearers of India’s enduring tradition of sacrifice and courage. Veer Bal Diwas, in its second edition, not only reinforces the valor embedded in history but also serves as a reminder that in matters of bravery and courage, age is inconsequential.

To honor Veer Bal Diwas, the government organized participatory programs nationwide, disseminating the saga of Sahibzades’ exemplary courage. Digital exhibitions portraying their life stories and sacrifices adorned schools and childcare institutions. A nationwide screening of a film dedicated to ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ unfolded, along with online competitions and interactive quizzes. Remarkably, Veer Bal Diwas has transcended national boundaries, finding resonance in countries such as the USA, UK, Greece, and many more in such a short span of time.

In a momentous event held at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, along with key leaders, marked the ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ program. The occasion featured captivating recitals and martial arts displays performed by children, emphasizing the significance of the day. Shri Modi’s address reflected on the nation’s collective memory of the immortal sacrifices of Veer Sahibzade, highlighting the enduring nature of this history.

PM Modi’s vision amplifies youth empowerment, leveraging India’s potential for a prosperous future. Recognizing heroes, nurturing health, and addressing societal issues showcase India’s commitment to progress. ‘Sabka Prayas’ echoes unity in steering India towards development, inspired by the unifying heritage. Veer Bal Diwas emerges as a rallying call for youth, symbolizing a vibrant India poised for global prominence through collective efforts and resilience.

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