Golden Temple Celebrates Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birth Anniversary with Grandeur

by Manjari Singh

Amritsar, a city steeped in history and spirituality, witnessed a breathtaking transformation on Monday as the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, celebrated the Parkash Purb (birth anniversary) of the fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das. The holy site, already a symbol of serenity and devotion, was adorned with a kaleidoscope of aromatic flowers sourced not only from different corners of India but also from across international borders. The day unfolded with a surge of devout pilgrims converging from every corner of the nation to partake in a sacred ritual: taking a holy dip in the hallowed waters of Amrit Saras Kund.

This awe-inspiring spectacle was more than just a visual treat; it was a profound demonstration of the deep spiritual significance that Guru Ram Das holds in the hearts of Sikhs and devotees worldwide. The historical roots of this celebration run deep, as Guru Ram Das himself constructed the sacred pool, laying the foundation for the city of Amritsar, which now cradles the magnificent Golden Temple, or Harmandir Sahib, in its embrace.

Hundreds of quintals of meticulously selected flowers adorned the entire path leading to the sanctum sanctorum, known as Darshani Deori, and even the walls of the revered Akal Takht. As the day unfolded, the vibrant colors and sweet fragrances of these blossoms converged to create an enchanting ambiance, inviting one and all to partake in the profound spirituality and rich history of this remarkable place.

The sanctum sanctorum of Sri Darbar Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, transformed into a magnificent spectacle of ‘Jalau’ (grandeur) when the devout gather to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru.

This annual celebration is a profound testament to the deep reverence and admiration the Sikh community holds for Guru Ram Das Ji, who was not only a spiritual luminary but also a prolific architect and builder of the sacred Harmandir Sahib, famously known as the Golden Temple. The exquisite display of ‘Jalau’ in his honor is nothing short of breathtaking, featuring an array of priceless treasures.

At the heart of this showcase is the Naulakha necklace, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and opulence. This necklace, adorned with the most exquisite jewels, represents a symbol of devotion and devotion to the Guru. It glistens in the golden light of the temple, casting a mesmerizing spell on all who gaze upon it.

Accompanying this splendid exhibit is a kirpan, a ceremonial sword, also bedecked with precious gems and jewels. This kirpan symbolizes the Sikh warrior spirit and the commitment to righteousness and justice. Its presence is a reminder of Guru Ram Das Ji’s teachings, emphasizing the importance of standing up for truth and justice.

As one gazes upon the sanctum sanctorum, the golden canopy and doors stand tall and resplendent. These structures are not mere architectural marvels but represent the unwavering faith and devotion of the Sikh community. The intricate detailing and the golden hue symbolize purity and spirituality, welcoming all who enter with open arms.

One of the most enchanting elements of the ‘Jalau’ is the turquoise peacock embellished with blue diamonds. This stunning piece of artistry not only exemplifies the artistic talents of the Sikh community but also symbolizes Guru Ram Das Ji’s teachings of grace and spirituality. The peacock, a majestic and spiritually significant bird, has been meticulously crafted with blue diamonds that shimmer like the clear sky on a sunny day.

Beyond the individual elements, this showcase is a true testament to the Sikh culture’s rich heritage and the enduring legacy of Guru Ram Das Ji. It is an opportunity for devotees and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the spirituality and history that surrounds the Golden Temple.

Manjari Singh

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