Exploring Nature’s Wisdom: New Book Explores Plants in Sri Guru Granth Sahib

by Manjari Singh

Guru Nanak Dev University’s Center on Studies in Sri Guru Granth Sahib has unveiled a remarkable addition to the realm of Sikh literature with the release of a pioneering book titled ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib wich Paudian da Zikar’. Authored by Dr. Pushpinder Jai Rup, an esteemed historian and archivist, this book delves into the botanical treasures mentioned in the sacred Shabads of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

In an event graced by academic luminaries including Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice-Chancellor, and Prof. Jai Rup Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, the significance of this scholarly work was underscored. Dr. Jai Rup Singh, the author, emphasized that the book meticulously catalogs 59 plant species, organizing them alphabetically according to Gurmukhi letters. “This exploration fills a critical gap in research, providing comprehensive insights into the nature and significance of these botanical references,” remarked Dr. Jai Rup Singh.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu commended the Center’s dedication to advancing Sikh studies, encompassing diverse fields such as inter-faith dialogue, philosophical studies, Gurbani music, linguistics, and cultural studies. “This book not only enriches scholarly pursuits but also fosters a deeper connection between spiritual teachings and ecological consciousness,” noted Prof. Sandhu.

Highlighting its relevance, Dr. Jai Rup Singh highlighted the dual importance of preserving native plant species for their botanical and spiritual values. “The plants mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib offer profound insights into ecological harmony and sustainable living,” he added.

Dr. Amarjit Singh, Director of the Center, affirmed the book’s potential as a pivotal resource bridging historical scriptures with modern botanical science. “It serves as a comprehensive guide for researchers, scholars, and anyone intrigued by the intersection of religious texts and natural world studies,” emphasized Dr. Amarjit Singh.

Indeed, ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib wich Paudian da Zikar’ promises to be a beacon for those exploring the ecological wisdom embedded in Sikh scriptures, heralding a new chapter in the appreciation of nature’s teachings within religious contexts.

Manjari Singh

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