Unveiling History: ‘Attari Junction’ Trailer Takes Ludhiana by Storm

by Manjari Singh

The city of Ludhiana witnessed a momentous occasion today as the trailer of the much-anticipated film, “Attari Junction – A 161 year old Historic Railway Station,” was released in style. The event, graced by an illustrious gathering, was a celebration of Punjab’s rich heritage, culture, and tourism, all encapsulated in the story of the historic Attari Railway Station.

The trailer premiere took place at the prestigious PVR Inox theater, where Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha, Sanjeev Arora, had the honor of unveiling this cinematic gem. He expressed his belief that “Attari Junction” would not only captivate the people of Ludhiana but also serve as an eye-opener for individuals across Punjab, offering them a glimpse into the historical tapestry that is the Attari Railway Station. He commended the efforts of the film’s director, Harpreet Sandhu, for taking on this monumental task.

Commissioner of Police Ludhiana, Mandeep Singh Sidhu, IPS, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact the trailer would have in drawing visitors from all corners of the world to witness the grandeur of the 161-year-old Attari Railway Station. He praised Harpreet Sandhu for his exceptional work in bringing this heritage to life on screen.

Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice Chancellor of PAU Ludhiana, underscored the historical significance of Attari Railway Station. It stands as a witness to the partition of India in 1947, a pivotal moment in history that led to the formation of two separate nations. This upcoming film promises to meticulously explore the station’s deep-rooted history.

Hardeep Batra, IRS Commissioner Audit Central GST, lauded the trailer as an outstanding preview of the impending heritage film “Attari Junction.” Sagar Setia, IAS, GLADA Chief, acknowledged Harpreet Sandhu’s dedication in showcasing the shared history, cultural exchanges, and economic ties between India and Pakistan through the lens of this historic railway station.

Director Harpreet Sandhu shared his vision for the film, emphasizing that it would not just be a documentary but a tribute to the Attari Railway Station. The station is not merely a transit point; it’s a symbol of cross-border connectivity and cultural exchange. Sandhu expressed his excitement about highlighting the station’s architectural beauty, which blends Indo-Islamic and Victorian styles, evoking the grandeur of a bygone era.

The film will also shed light on the historical significance and pivotal role that Attari Railway Station played in facilitating cross-border trade, tourism, and people-to-people interactions, a story that remains relatively unknown to the younger generation.

One of the trailer’s highlights was the presence of distinguished intellectuals on the railway tracks of Attari Railway Station, a rare and symbolic constellation that signifies the importance of this historic site.

Scheduled for a global release in December 2023, “Attari Junction” aims to promote the 161-year-old historic Attari Railway Station and its rich heritage. Directed by the renowned author, heritage promoter, and nature artist, Harpreet Sandhu, with a script by Atul Tirkey, IRS Deputy Commissioner Customs, Attari, and lyrics by the celebrated poet Padma Shri Dr. Surjit Patar, this film promises to be a cinematic masterpiece that will take audiences on a journey through time and history, celebrating the enduring legacy of Attari Junction.

Manjari Singh

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