Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Harshdeep Kaur and Mukti Mohan Unite for a Spellbinding Musical Collaboration

by Manjari Singh

Prepare to be mesmerized as renowned singer Harshdeep Kaur and exceptional dancer Mukti Mohan join forces to create an extraordinary musical masterpiece. Their upcoming single, “Waah Sajna,” a captivating Sufi-pop song, delves into profound themes of gratitude, self-love, and acceptance. The duo aims to convey a powerful message that the search for divinity should begin within oneself rather than in external pursuits.

With Harshdeep Kaur’s soul-stirring vocals, Gulraj Singh’s evocative composition, and the heartfelt lyrics penned by Jagmeet Bal, “Waah Sajna” is a truly enchanting musical composition. What sets this song apart is its ability to resonate with individuals of all age groups, allowing listeners to interpret its meaning in alignment with their own thoughts and experiences. While rooted in the rich Sufi tradition, the music of “Waah Sajna” presents a fresh and contemporary sound that immerses the audience and remains unforgettable.

Accompanying this powerful composition is an exquisite music video featuring the mesmerizing Mukti Mohan. Directed by the talented Shubh Mukherjee, the music video adds a visual dimension to the song, intensifying its impact and establishing an even deeper connection with the audience.

Manjari Singh

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