Renowned Intellectuals Unite to Combat Political Deterioration and Social Menace in 2024

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a significant and commendable move, eminent citizens and intellectuals from the region have come together to launch a coordinated movement aimed at combating the deterioration and criminalization of politics in the state. The primary goal is to safeguard the youth from falling prey to the growing menace of social evils, including drug abuse and violence.

The announcement of this crucial initiative unfolded during the concluding session of an event organized by the Global Punjab Foundation at Jandali Kalan village. Professor Amarjit Singh Sidhu presided over the meeting, which featured Padam Shri poet Surjit Patar and Sahit Academy Award winner Sarabjit Singh Savi as keynote speakers. The gathering was a powerhouse of intellectual prowess, with the Global Punjab Foundation chairman, Dr. Harjinder Pal Singh Walia, highlighting the commitment of laureates to sensitizing the masses about the imperative need to curb the deterioration of governance in the new year.

Dr. Walia emphasized the non-intrusive nature of the foundation’s role, stating that they would send suggestions to the government without interfering in its day-to-day functioning. A program, aligned with the consensus of the majority of thinkers, led by Patar and Savi, has been drafted. This program outlines the organization of periodic meetings involving laureates associated with the foundation. These meetings will serve as platforms to assess the implementation of government policies at various administrative levels.

The commitment to constructive engagement with the government was reiterated by Walia, reflecting the determination of these intellectuals to contribute positively to the betterment of governance. The focus is on channeling their collective wisdom and experience toward guiding the administration in the right direction.

Surjit Patar and Sarabjit Singh Savi were duly felicitated during the event, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to literature and society. Other prominent speakers, including Professor Jagdev Singh Jandali, Dr. Sukhdev Singh, and Venu Gopal Kaushal, added their voices to the cause, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the challenges that confront the state.

This united front of intellectuals signals a renewed hope for the region. By actively engaging with governance and advocating for a check on the deterioration of politics, these stalwarts aim to create a more accountable and responsible political environment. As the Global Punjab Foundation sets its sights on the upcoming year, the promise of a better future, free from the shackles of social evils, seems within reach.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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