Punjab’s Green Revolution Takes Root: Rs 140 Crore CBG Project to Fuel Clean Energy

by Manjari Singh

In a resounding commitment to usher in affordable, clean, and sustainable energy solutions, the Punjab Government is poised to launch a groundbreaking Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG) project worth Rs 140 crore in the picturesque Hoshiarpur district.

The visionary move was announced by Punjab’s New and Renewable Energy Sources Minister, Aman Arora. He revealed that the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) will spearhead this innovative CBG project, boasting a colossal daily production capacity exceeding 20 tons of CBG. The project is slated for full-scale operation by December.

Minister Arora went on to elucidate that the project’s epicenter will be the serene Baroti village nestled in Hoshiarpur district. A sprawling expanse of approximately 40 acres has been meticulously earmarked for the establishment of this CBG plant. This facility will annually consume a substantial 49,350 metric tonnes of agricultural residues, industrial and municipal waste, and press mud, while concurrently churning out an impressive 91 tons of bio-manure daily as a valuable by-product. The project also promises to be a catalyst for employment generation, directly or indirectly offering livelihood opportunities to 200 individuals.

Speaking passionately about the project’s broader vision, Minister Arora emphasized that the Punjab Government is steadfastly committed to amplifying the availability of cost-effective green energy. Simultaneously, it seeks to harness the untapped potential of agricultural residues, cattle dung, and municipal solid waste while bolstering the income streams of farmers. This multi-pronged initiative not only promises to bolster economic growth but also fuels comprehensive development across the state. It’s a triumph for both sustainability and prosperity on the vibrant canvas of Punjab.

Manjari Singh

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