Michael Rubin: Pakistan’s ISI Pulls the Strings of the Disingenuous Khalistan Movement

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

The recent podcast by Michael Rubin, a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, with Shukri Hilowle for the Brown Pundits has reignited the debate surrounding the Khalistan movement in North America. Rubin asserted that this movement, advocating for an independent Sikh homeland, lacks organic legitimacy within India and is instead manipulated by external forces, primarily Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Pakistan’s Shadow: A Puzzling Connection

Rubin’s claim stems from observations of seemingly coordinated activities and suspicious economic backing of some proponents in Canada. He argues that this movement, far from being a grassroots campaign, exploits the open arms of Western multiculturalism while harboring illiberal intentions. Rubin points to certain Canadian districts with sizable Sikh populations as Trudeau’s political targets, potentially fueling pandering to appease these vocal yet potentially unrepresentative factions.

The Discrepancy: Peaceful Majority vs. Loud Minority

Rubin highlights the stark contrast between the silent majority of peaceful Sikhs in India and the clamorous few in the West. He draws upon the principle of the “squeaky wheel,” suggesting that the most vocal, even if not the most representative, often grab the spotlight. This highlights the true extent of public support for the Khalistan movement within the broader Sikh community, both in India and abroad. There are no takers for the impractical, theocratic idea of Khalistan in India, and the

Economic Intrigue: Punjab, Immigration, and Exploitation

Another intriguing aspect raised by Rubin is the economic disparity within the Sikh community. He notes that despite Punjab’s relative prosperity compared to other Indian states, there’s a significant flow of both legal and illegal immigration from the region to North America. This, coupled with the potential for manipulation by organized crime within new immigrant communities, paints a complex picture of economic motivations potentially intertwined with the Khalistan movement.

In the eye-opening podcast, Michael Rubin tears away the mask of the Khalistan movement in the West, revealing a sinister opportunism lurking beneath the surface. These fringe elements, Rubin argues, exploit the open arms of Western multiculturalism as a mere launching pad for their self-serving agenda: political clout. Disconnected from the peaceful majority of Sikhs in India, they manipulate the anxieties of a small immigrant community and weaponize them for personal gain, all under the convenient guise of an independent homeland. Their cries for Khalistan ring hollow, drowned out by the deafening opportunism that fuels their every move.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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