Innocent Hearts College of Education Rings in 2024 with ‘Skilled India’ Celebration

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In a jubilant start to the New Year, the student-teachers of Innocent Hearts College of Education ushered in 2024 with an inspirational event titled ‘Skilled India 2024.’ The theme, “Augmenting the cognitive, creative, and imaginative skills amongst the would-be teachers for a better future,” set the tone for a day filled with innovation, camaraderie, and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

The college buzzed with energy as various competitions took center stage, each designed to enhance the skills and creativity of the student-teachers. The ‘Best out of Waste’ competition, bottle decoration creativity, bouquet-making inventiveness, and a poetical symposium provided a platform for work education and experiential learning.

The student-teachers, demonstrating their artistic prowess, crafted items of economic value, adding a touch of personal creativity to the New Year festivities. The campus came alive with vibrant bouquets, recycled decorations, and an ambiance illuminated by sparkling lights and colorful balloons.

The celebrations commenced with a solemn prayer ceremony, where students collectively sought blessings for peace, prosperity, intellect, wisdom, and overall well-being. Aromatic flowers filled the air as student-teachers assembled vibrant bouquets, contributing to the serenity of the occasion.

Expressions of emotions flowed through mesmerizing songs and self-composed poems, adding a personal touch to the festivities. New Year resolutions were shared, encouraging one another to dream big, stay positive, and work constructively towards a brighter future. The exchange of beautifully crafted cards further emphasized the spirit of togetherness and goodwill.

Dr. Arjinder Singh, the Principal, and the faculty members extended their best wishes and blessings, marking the college’s commitment to nurturing a holistic and empowering educational environment.

Highlighting individual achievements, Sarika secured the first prize in the decoration contest, while Diksha shone in the bouquet-making competition. Tanya and Yashika Jain demonstrated their ingenuity by clinching the first position in crafting wind chimes from waste materials.

The celebration concluded with heartfelt wishes among the student-teachers for peace, harmony, prosperity, and well-being in the coming year and beyond. ‘Skilled India 2024’ not only celebrated the talents and creativity of the student-teachers but also reinforced the college’s dedication to shaping a generation of educators equipped with the skills needed for a brighter future.


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