INCUBO 2024: Cultivating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Punjab

by Dr. Jasneet Bedi

Amidst the vibrant ambiance of creativity and ambition, I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKGPTU) recently hosted its much-anticipated annual event, INCUBO, from February 12th to February 16th, 2024, at its main campus in Kapurthala. This dynamic gathering served as a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation, illuminating the path for aspiring student entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of ingenuity within the university community.

Bringing together a diverse cohort of students, faculty members, industry leaders, and innovators, INCUBO emerged as a melting pot of ideas, collaboration, and inspiration. Throughout the event, participants engaged in a plethora of contests and competitions meticulously crafted to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among students. From the creative realms of Reel Feel and Idea Pitching to the strategic challenges posed by Fish Tank and Hitch-n-Hunt, each competition served as a catalyst for nurturing the next generation of startup visionaries.

Spanning across various affiliated colleges of IKGPTU, the event welcomed eager minds from all corners, united in their quest to explore the realms of entrepreneurship. Under the mentorship of the esteemed Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal, Vice Chancellor of IKGPTU, the event flourished, embodying the university’s unwavering commitment to supporting students on their entrepreneurial journey.

Central to the spirit of INCUBO were the enlightening keynote speeches delivered by distinguished speakers who shared invaluable insights and experiences. Renowned motivational speaker Paritosh Anand captivated the audience with his poignant reflections on the significance of passion, resilience, and self-belief in navigating the often challenging terrain of entrepreneurship. Through personal anecdotes and practical wisdom, Anand inspired attendees to persevere in the face of adversity and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Equally compelling was the narrative shared by entrepreneur and visionary Mandeep Kaur Tangra, whose journey exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship in driving social change. Tangra recounted her remarkable experience of founding an IT company in her village, illuminating the path to economic empowerment and community upliftment through innovative business ventures.

In addition to the enriching keynote addresses, INCUBO provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures and engage with peers and industry experts. From the tantalizing offerings of Xero Degrees and Sona Juice Bar to the aromatic delights of Chai Vaai Cafe and Khalsa Bakery, the event featured an eclectic mix of stalls representing the ingenuity and creativity of university students.

As the curtains drew to a close on yet another successful edition of INCUBO, the echoes of inspiration and aspiration reverberated throughout the campus, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. With its unwavering dedication to fostering entrepreneurial talent and fostering a culture of innovation, I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University continues to chart new horizons in the realm of entrepreneurship, propelling the dreams of tomorrow’s leaders towards fruition.

Dr. Jasneet Bedi

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